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#15 The Middle Passage by Julia Golding


This book is relatively short. I can’t really make out whether it’s supposed to be a romance or not. The whole text leaves me wondering if there are other books that relate to this book.

The main character is Cat Royal or Moggy to her traveling companion Billy.

The text opens up on a ship traveling in the Atlantic ocean. The main character is leaving the Caribbean for England. For what reason the reader can never be sure because it’s never really mentioned. Her traveling companion is a crook turned gentleman. The thing is, the reader can never really figure out if there is something going on between the two or not. At times it seems like there is, but at other times it seems like there isn’t.

The book is relatively short and for some reason there aren’t chapters, but Acts and scenes. Why this is isn’t explained either. There is some allusion to Cat being associated with the theater, but that isn’t explained either. There are even a couple of times when the text addresses the reader, which I do not like.

Anyways, the two traveling companions land in the Azores. That is a group of islands off the coast of Spain. Their ship needs repairs so Cat goes in search of a place to stay for several days while the repairs are made. Billy plays with a wasp and Cat freaks out and faints. No reason is given why Cat hates wasps so much. She is taken inside a nearby house to wake up.

She soon is extended an offer to stay at the home while she is in the Azores. She accepts. The siblings who live in the house two girls and one boy are interested in astronomy and have a telescope they gaze through almost nightly. While Cat is lodging there the telescope is stolen and a mystery is presented. Does Cat solve the mystery, does Billy solve the mystery, is Billy really the culprit? These are all questions that will be answered in the short book. I think it’s probably about a hundred pages long.

What I liked: I guess it was an enjoyable short little book.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t like the lack of explanation concerning the characters. Was this part of a series? I don’t know because nothing is ever alluded to. I didn’t like Acts and scenes instead of chapters. I didn’t like the text addressing the reader. I don’t really know the point of the book. Was there a lesson to be learned? Did someone fall in love? Did the protagonist solve world hunger? What was the point in this book?

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