Movies based off of books

True Grit Movie(2010) vs. Book

This is one of those movies based off of the book that sticks really close to the book. It’s not The Road close, but it’s decent. Yes, I finally got around to watching this movie. It was enjoyable. I think I had my doubts about Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon doing well in this movie, but they exceeded my expectations. They’re not really people I would peg as cowboys, but they filled the part nicely.

The movie was very rich in its set. The dugout house looked like an actual dugout house. It was like something straight out of a Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I thought Laura and Jack the dog were going to run out of it.

I do have to say that Matt Damon makes a better cowboy than I ever expected. You know I didn’t hold very high expectations for LeBeouf. I kind of had him pegged as a pansy. While he wasn’t Rooster, he was still tough.

The little girl who played Mattie was the right person. She’s not pretty. I know it’s sad, but she’s not. She has more of a tomboy look to her. She had to develop her own strengths. I think this little girl was perfect for the part.

Most of the lines in the movie were directly from the book. Go movie people! Hooray for you!

There were a few messed up scenes. As I recall, I do not believe that Mattie slept at the undertaker’s at all. I could be wrong on that though, it’s been a while since I’ve read the book. Mattie’s sickness was not as drawn out as in the book. Rooster and LeBeouf tried to get away from Mattie at least a couple of times as I recall.

I thought the movie was touching. It actually kind of made me jealous. How come I’ve never had a person care for me enough to risk their life for me? Not that I want the situation to arise, but I’ve never had a father figure type of person who would do such a thing for me. I thought it was great that Rooster risked a lot to save Mattie. He developed a kinship with her that perhaps he nor she would ever develop with anyone else. In many ways they were both of the same attitude. Neither of them played by traditional rules and wasn’t exactly the town gossip. Each of them kept to themselves and did what needed doing.

I liked how the boy at the stable said he wasn’t supposed to mention Mattie’s name. Go Mattie. She is such a little spitfire.

Overall, the movie was very good. There isn’t really a lot for me to complain about since the movie was so close to the book.

There is one thing I will say though. I think the original story was geared more towards children. I don’t think it was really meant to be an adult story. This movie is more on the adult side. I haven’t watched the John Wayne version yet. It may very well be that is was also more adult, but I am guessing from the era in which it was made that the original True Grit movie was also geared more towards children. Sure, adults would have watched it and enjoyed it, but it was appropriate for pretty much the whole family. I don’t think this version of the movie is appropriate for the whole family. You could safely let your five-year old watch this movie, but it wouldn’t be the wisest decision. It’s just a little darker than the story. It’s got a few more rough edges. It’s good, but it doesn’t appeal to the same audience as the book and the original movie.



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