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Spotlight: Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Collection

I have been a fan of this book series since high school, not because I spent all my time in the bathroom, but because this series is full of lots of interesting information. I’ve lost track of how many of these books exist these days. Each book is rather thick and has nice digestible bits of information that span one to three pages, usually. There are some items that are several sections long.

One of the more interesting articles I have read in an Uncle John book was about how to teach your cat to use the toilet. I wish my cats knew how to do that. I have the instructions somewhere.

I have over ten of these books that I do like to peruse from time to time. Sometimes I just need to ready wacky court transcripts or read silly laws in various states.

So if you’re looking for something to read that is full of large amounts of easily readable information pick yourself up one of these.


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