The Bright Sun Brings it to Light

The Bright Sun Brings it to LightThe Bright Sun Brings it to Light

This tale is short, but terrible.

Once upon a time there was a tailor’s apprentice traveling around searching for work. He had no money. He soon came upon a Jew and assumed the Jew would have lots of money. The tailor chose in his heart to be a bad person and rob the money from the Jew.

He accosted the Jew accusing him of having lots of money. The Jew said he only had eight farthings. The tailor said he was lying and soon beat him. The Jew’s last words were:

“The bright sun will bring it to light.”

Then he died. The tailor only found eight farthings on the Jew. The tailor went on his way and found work in a small town. There he married the master tailor’s daughter and was happy. His wife and he had two children. After some years the master tailor and his wife died.

One morning the wife brought her husband, the tailor, some coffee. The sun shown in through the window and made circles on the wall. The tailor mumbled to himself.

“Yes, it would like very much to bring it to light, and cannot!”

The wife was like, huh?!

“O, dear husband, and what is that, then? What do you mean by that?”

“I must not tell you.”

“If you love me, you must tell me.”

Finally, the tailor gave in and told his wife how he had murdered a Jew many years before and that he had threatened that the sun would bring it to light. He admonished his wife to tell no one. The wife promptly went to see her friend, whom she told all that her husband had revealed, but she swore her friend to secrecy, but it was soon all around town. Thus the sun really did bring it to light.

The End


Wow, would you look at the stereotypes! They’re Jewish, they’ve got money. From reading these stories I have gathered that people weren’t very fond of Jews back during the time period. I already knew that from various histories I know of, but goodness, people were really crappy to Jews for a long time. Jerks!


You cannot escape your judgement. This is a common theme in the Grimm’s stories and will most likely be a common theme throughout the rest of the anthology.

This guy murdered an innocent person and went on with his life like it was nothing. Did he not anguish over the fact that he had taken another man’s life? Did he not regret it? Did he not brood over it in the depths of the night when he couldn’t sleep? This guy has got to be a terrible person. He’s giving tailors everywhere a bad name.

Eventually, word of the murder gets out. The sun shines on the just and the unjust. Light can penetrate some of the deepest darknesses. The blackness of your soul cannot hide from the light of judgement. How’s that for you?


What’s sad is that even though word of this man’s misdeeds came to light, I doubt he was punished by any governing entity. I am sure he might have punished himself a bit and he probably didn’t like being known as the town murderer, but his government probably didn’t do anything to him for the murder of this Jew. That’s sad.

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