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Death of a Kindle

Death of a KindleDeath of a Kindle

Well, this week hasn’t really been my week. First of all, it’s been extremely busy; second of all, I dreamed that a big event was happening this week that I spend weeks preparing for each year and it was a nightmare; third of all, the wiring in my rental house needs to be completely redone; fourth of all, my kindle is dead.

It looks fine right? Just check out that picture. My Kindle Fire HDX looks as if it’s only sleeping. It’s not sleeping; it’s dying a painful and unstoppable death.

Let me tell you the story of why my Kindle is dying. Each night I plug my Kindle in and let it charge. I also run Ambiance the app to have background noise while I sleep. So all night my Kindle is on my nightstand. It’s also convenient because I usually read right before bed for a while. I went to bed later last night, but my husband got the bright idea to come into the room to try to wake me up. He put our kitten in the room.

As Death of a Kindleyou may remember, I was bottle-feeding a litter of kittens that was abandoned on my property by their mother. I got rid of three of the kittens and we also trapped the mom and released her elsewhere. We kept one of the kittens. The kitten we kept is named Cocoa or Coconut. She is as seen to the left.

I wasn’t going to get up because it’s my darn weekend and I want to sleep in. My husband eventually left the room, but left the kitten in the room. As kittens do, she decided to crawl around all over the room. Hopping from nightstand to bed and vice-versa. Well, in one of those hops, she knocked my Kindle off of my nightstand. I have knocked that Kindle off of the nightstand multiple times. It’s been dropped. It’s been through a lot. I didn’t think anything of my Kindle being dropped from two feet up. I simply picked it back up and put it back on my nightstand and tried to get more sleep. I wasn’t successful and was kind of irritated.

When I went to get my Kindle to turn off my white noises, I saw that the cord going into it was bent at an angle. I thought that maybe it was still ok. The screen was dark and I tried turning it on. Well, that didn’t work. I pressed the power button. I pressed it again. I held it down. I held it down for twenty seconds. Nothing. The volume buttons work beautifully, but the screen never comes on and I can’t turn the thing off. It’s been sitting around playing white noises all day to my cats. I’m sure they’ve enjoyed it.

When I realized there was nothing I could do on my end, I got on chat with Amazon. The guy, he had some foreign sounding name that started with an R, let’s just call him R, asked me to hold the power button down for forty seconds. Yeah, same deal; nothing happened. He the asked me to plug it in with a different cord and then hold that down for forty seconds. Yeah, same deal; nothing happened. The computer didn’t even recognize that a device was plugged in when I did that. Essentially, my Kindle landed on the cord when it was charging and it bent the cord and must have shorted out both the micro-USB port and the power button.

Death of a KindleR said that he was processing a replacement. Amazon is going to send me a brand new Kindle Fire HDX. Which is great. I get a free replacement. The downside is that it takes a few days to get here and I have work that I need to do. I used the Kindle for a lot of my reading and research. I love being able to read something and highlight it digitally and make notes on it. So essentially, I’m losing work time and productivity with my lack of Kindle. I’m also losing documents and pictures.

The upside to owning a Kindle Fire is that your documents and photos are generally backed up in the Amazon Cloud Drive. R told me how to find my photos in the cloud. If you’re like me though, you didn’t have everything in nice little neat folders for Amazon. I had books in other formats that I read on the Moonreader app on my Kindle that are just lost to me. My progress in reading those books is also lost. I’ve lost documents I saved on the Kindle in other locations. I’ve lost secret photo albums, because let’s face it, we’re not stupid; we don’t keep every single photo ever on a cloud drive that can be hacked; although, I don’t have any photos I would be ashamed to have out in the open if I were hacked. It’s just that, you know, they’re my personal photos and I like them where they’re at.

I was hoping that Amazon did a type of service where they would take apart my Kindle and transfer the contents of my Kindle hard drive to my replacement Kindle. They don’t do that. I love Amazon and they have wonderful customer service, but Amazon isn’t like other mobile device manufacturer’s in that sense. I do know that if you get an Iphone and it goes belly up your stuff can be mostly recovered.

I work in IT and if a computer dies, I try very hard to recover any information I can. If that means taking apart the computer and putting the hard drive in a hard drive cradle to retrieve information, I do that. I’m getting a brand new Kindle so I’m not overly concerned and I do know that I can get most of my information back, it’s just means that I have to track it down all over again. I am kind of surprised that Amazon doesn’t offer a service to retrieve information stored on Kindles when one is damaged. It seems like that would be a good idea, especially considering that some people do rely heavily on their Kindles to do actual work, like me. I’m just glad I didn’t have more documents on the device that I would now be losing.

This weekend is going to be rather sparse as far as my writing posts of substance. I could pull down some of my actual books and get some posts done that way, but I don’t really have anything started right now and it would take me a while to read something completely new. So I’m kind of dead in the water until the replacement Kindle gets here.

I also use that Kindle for Pandora, which I use all the time. So I’m dually upset that I’m losing not only my reading/writing/researching/annotating help, but I’m also losing my music. How am I going to listen to Pandora now when I’m on the treadmill? Can Pandora just beam into my head? Pandora headphones, I would go for that, someone invent that; call me when you do; I’ll buy the first pair.

This is just another reminder to me that I seem too dependent on one particular thing.

After I got tech support straightened out, I went to the North Carolina Arboretum, saw some bonsai trees and other plants, came home, warmed up my leftover lunch, and then soda came out of my nose. So I’ve had a very full day. Soda coming out of your nose is not pleasant. It burns.


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4 thoughts on “Death of a Kindle”

      1. Oh gosh… I don’t have a kindle, but I do have a tablet which I’m pretty attached to. I can feel your pain girl. Oh and do take a picture of the new one if you can. I’m excited for you.

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