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#464 Mary Poppins Comes Back by P.L. Travers

Mary Poppins Comes Back by P.L. TraversMary Poppins Comes Back by P.L. Travers

Once again Mary Poppins shows her face, but it’s in a very unexpected way. The children are out in the park flying a kite when they tug and tug, but something all together different is at the end of their kite string than when they began. It turns out that it’s Mary Poppins. They pull her down out of the sky and she’s back. She tells everyone to gather up their things because they’re going home for tea.

At the house everyone is glad to have Marry Poppins back. Mr. Banks’ old governess is coming for a visit. She doesn’t seem to like anything, even Mary Poppins. Mary soon runs her off when she lets her pet lark out of its cage. The governess simply decides she can stay no longer.

Something else amazing happens. The children are told to stay away from the house for a while. When they come home they have a new baby sister named Annabel. Annabel can talk to the birds and hear the wind, but she forgets it within a week, all babies do.

The children go with Mary Poppins to visit her cousin who mends things, but it’s an off day for him and everything he wants to do he does the opposite. They must go and get a bowl mended because Jane broke it. After she broke it she was sucked into the bowl and was almost taken hostage by the painted people who lived there, but she called to Mary Poppins and Mary got her out, but left her brand new scarf behind. The cousin just goes all over the place and everyone ends up on their heads.

The children see a circus of the stars. They see the moon and they see the sun. All the constellations dance. Michael had wanted the moon. The children go on to have an adventure with some strange balloons meant just for them.

When Mary Poppins first came back she told the children she would stay until the chain broke. The chain belongs to a locket around her neck. She will not tell the children what is in the locket. One day they go on a strange carousel ride, of which Mary Poppins does not return from. The locket flings off of the ride and the children finally learn what is inside of it.

What I liked

Mary is up to all of her nonsense again. She definitely has a very interesting family. One uncle floats in the air and a cousin gets weird days, she’s also cousins with a snake. Who else out of the rest of us can say that? None of us.

P.L. seemed to have something of a reverence for newborn babies. I thought her little sayings about where babies came from was rather neat.

What I didn’t like

Mary Poppins is not a very good employee. While it is true that she does very good work while she’s around, she just up and disappears. It doesn’t seem like nannying would be the type of position you could just up and leave. It’s not as if it’s a job at McDonald’s making hamburgers. Mary Poppins is the caretaker of children and probably shouldn’t be randomly leaving and then showing back up.

Mary Poppins does seem wonderful, but if I had kids, I doubt I could put up with her comings and goings.


Why are these people so mean to Robertson Ay? Poor guy.

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Books set in Europe, Children’s, Classic Fiction, Family dynamics, Fantasy, Fiction, Travers-P.L., Young Adult


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