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#469 Mary Poppins in the Park by P.L. Travers

Mary Poppins in the Park by P.L. TraversMary Poppins in the Park by       P.L. Travers

Ah, the last of the Mary Poppins books. I would say I’m sad, but I’m not.

The previous three Mary Poppins books have each been their own separate visit to Jane and Michael. This book is a collection of things that might have happened on any of the three visits. For the most part, the events of this book take place in the park across from the Banks’ household.

All of these stories take place in the park, as I mentioned above. Mary Poppins tells a story. A statue of a naked boy comes to life. A storybook comes to life. The children manage to find themselves in a tiny park that Jane created and the guy living there just happens to be the cousin to Mary Poppins. The Man in the Moon is also her uncle. Finally, everyone celebrates Mary Poppins’ birthday on Halloween because apparently her birthday is actually El día de los muertos and they want to celebrate the day before. Oh, and everyone’s shadows run away from them to go to Mary Poppins’ party in the park.

What I liked

Mary Poppins is great and all, but I’m glad these stories are over. The same sort of things happen in every book. If all of this is going to be so repetitive in nature I’m glad it’s over, but for children, it’s good. Kids like repetitive things. You all know; you’ve only seen the same movie a million times over.

I like this idea that Mary Poppins is something of an interdimensional traveler. She seems to be just at home in the real world as she is in the make-believe worlds of pictures and various books, but who is to say that our world is the real world. Maybe Jane and Michael’s world isn’t the real world and the world in one of the books is the real world, but maybe none of it’s actually real and all of them just think they’re real and Mary Poppins has one over on everyone. Think about that.

What do you think it would be like if Mary Poppins got a gritty reboot? Like she still has the magic bag and everything, but she’s also really bitchy and a hardened dimensional traveler, maybe with black hair and piercings. Yeah, I would watch that. The umbrella could also be a gun. Maybe it could be like Mary Poppins meets the Matrix and Mary can be like, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, @#$%^,” and then she pulls out her umbrella gun.

What I didn’t like

Mary Poppins does the same type of things all the time. Let’s go into something you can’t normally go into. Let me tell you a strange story. Things come to life that normally don’t come to life. Let’s go visit my weird relative, another one, yes, I have many. That lizard wearing the top hat is my uncle’s-second-cousin’s boyfriend.

Can’t she get a life? When does Mary Poppins go out for a night on the town that doesn’t involve children? Does she even put on a mini-skirt and go clubbing? Does she ever drink martinis with friends? Do she and Bert do anything besides jump into paintings? How about a bed? A bed he painted; I don’t care.

Mary Poppins is great, but ultimately she’s very child-like herself and child-like adults get old fast. Some people say we’re all supposed to be like little children in our demeanor and actions, but seriously, dealing with an adult who has a childish attitude and a childish understanding of the world is exhausting. They may not be doing anything that’s bad or wrong, but, gosh, they’re hard to be around. You’d like Mary Poppins for a while, but then you would wonder when she ever grew up herself. There are only so many trips to the candy store you can take.


Do you think Mary Poppins wears Victoria’s Secret underwear under her prim and proper clothes? Probably not. She probably has My Little Pony underwear or something similar.

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