Deduction Deduction

I’m finished with reading the Sherlock Holmes stories, but we’re not through with Sherlock just yet. I’m going to do a short series of essays about Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The purpose of this post is to provide you with a menu of what you can or could expect. I may change the topics up a bit as I go along.

  • Feminism and Sherlock Holmes
  • Sexism in the Sherlock Holmes Stories
  • The prolific use of the word ejaculation
  • Homosexuality and Sherlock Holmes
  • Sherlock Holmes as a Busybody
  • The possibility of mental disorders in Sherlock Holmes
  • John Watson’s wife is really lenient
  • Arthur didn’t do his research very well
  • Arthur was interested in secret societies
  • The same names are repeated over and over
  • Religion in the Sherlock stories

I may add and subtract to this list as I am moved to do so. I’m calling the series Deduction by the way.

As an overall review of the Sherlock stories I find him both fascinating and exhausting. Sherlock does not act as a normal person would. He seems to ignore social traditions and behaviors while expertly solving mysteries. He has strange and self-damaging habits. He seems to put himself above emotion, but he is not above emotion. I think I’ve often had arguments with him in my head. It is true that I had to take a couple of breaks while doing this project. Sherlock is a lot to handle and it’s difficult to keep up with him for long periods of time.

I’m actually relieved that I’m done with Sherlock, but I definitely have a new-found appreciation for the famous literary character. I’ll pick him apart for just a little longer.

Deduction, john watson, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sir arthur conan doyle
Sherlock Holmes


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