Deduction: We’re not a couple!

Deduction: We're not a couple! Deduction: We’re not a couple!

Argue all you want John, but you’ve got to admit, you do seem just a bit too close to Sherlock.

Bros before hos(hoes?), right?

I’ve never had a roommate, so I can honestly not say what proper roommate behavior is, but supposedly, John and Sherlock are just roommates, but everyone wants them to be gay, everyone. It’s actually a big joke in the Sherlock television series made by the BBC. Everyone thinks they’re gay. When John gets engaged people are surprised. They’re all like, “Dude, are you sure about this?”

Here’s the thing, John and Sherlock are not gay. I read all the Sherlock stories and they’re just not. John gets married. He looks at women. Sherlock even looks at women, even though he never acts on it, that we know of. Sherlock is a bit of a mystery man. He’s prone to dressing up and pretending to be other people, so it may very well be that Sherlock has himself a secret woman somewhere; she’s just not in the story because Sherlock hid her so well.

…but, when we read these stories today, it kind of seems that John and Sherlock could possibly be gay.

How men interact with one another has changed over the years. Men used to be a little more touchy-feely with each other than they are today. Even the way men act towards one another in Europe vs North America is different. Men in Europe are more touchy-feely than North American men. For example, that cheek kiss thing people do when they meet each other. It’s not only the women that do it. So we have not only time differences in interactions between men, but also continental differences.

To start off with John and Sherlock are roommates. There’s nothing weird about that. I always thought that Bert and Ernie were roommates. They had separate beds after all, if they’re gay they need to take the plunge and get one bed. Back to Sherlock, men are roommates–they might even share the same room, but have different beds. There is nothing at all weird about John and Sherlock sharing the Baker Street apartment together. So this is not what makes people think they’re gay.

More likely, what makes people think John and Sherlock are gay is how they interact with one another. They sit in their respective chairs in the living room at Baker Street and talk about stuff. They decorate together. Some of Sherlock’s stuff is in the room and some of John’s stuff is in the room. They act like an old married couple. They go on holidays together. They go to restaurants together. They share rooms when they go places.

Again, none of their going places together makes them gay. Two friends can go places together no matter what sex they may happen to be. Sherlock and John truly do sound like a married couple. Sherlock can tell what John is thinking. John knows all of Sherlock’s habits. John even knows what pipe Sherlock likes to smoke when he’s angry. They’re close like any two friends should be, but they’re so close that they probably pick stuff out of each other’s teeth. It’s an odd relationship to say the least.

Women tend to be a little closer in their friendships than men. If you have a best girlfriend, you might very well know each other’s habits and even share the same bed when traveling. I know there are people who think that’s weird, but honestly, it’s not that weird.

We usually don’t expect men to be as close as Sherlock and John seem to be. Sure, guys are roommates, but how often do they each have their own chairs in the living room and sit down to read the newspaper? Can you imagine walking into a fraternity house and seeing all the guys there sitting in their own armchairs drinking tea and reading magazines in each other’s company? No. I mean, I see them partying in each other’s company, but I don’t see them acting like John and Sherlock.

It’s not a complicated thing, but it’s there. John and Sherlock do seem just a little too close, but in the end, they’re not gay, unless they just have all of us fooled.

Just for fun, Google “Johnlock” and look at all the fanart.

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2 thoughts on “Deduction: We’re not a couple!”

  1. I think all this closeness between Sherlock and John is down to the fact that they don’t have any other relationships with people. It is only when John gets married that they drift apart. Before and afterwards, they apparently do nothing else than hang around with each other. Sherlock never had any other friend than John (meaning “real” friendship, not just acquaintances) and John, if there actually was a time when he used to be sociable, got alienated from his people by the military service in Afghanistan. Both are lost, and need their one friend, respectively. So, whether they are gay or not (I think not), they are really dependant on each other because they have nothing else to rely on.

    1. This is a great comment. You’re right they both have kind of alienated themselves from everyone else in a way. They’re close in a weird way.

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