Hans Christian Andersen!!

Hans Christian Andersen!!Hans Christian Andersen!!

It is time to make a foray into a different literary world. This time we’re going Danish, not Dutch, Danish. Hans Christian Andersen is the man we’re going to spend a few months with, perhaps a year, we’ll see.

If you did not know, Hans is responsible for The Little Mermaid. There is a statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hans was born in 1805, a few years before the Grimm’s brothers released their fairy tales in 1812. Hans began publishing stories are a young age, but started publishing fairy tales in 1835. Subsequent releases saw more and more fairy tales that were retellings of traditional tales Hans heard growing up, but also tales he himself wrote.

As far as a person, Hans was a weird one. He liked to write. He hated school. He didn’t want to have sex. He fell in love with both women and men. He seemed to be a very romantic person, generally, but was quite shy. Hans died in 1875 of liver cancer and other ailments. He did not get married or have any children. Rumors have persisted for a long time that Hans was the illegitimate child of a king, but nothing has ever been proven.

Hans was interested in celebrating Scandinavia. His stories reflect life in the region. While I had something of a tie to the Grimm’s brothers as I do have some German heritage and someone in my family was actually named Grimm, I do not have any ties to anyone even the remotest bit Scandinavian, but I’m going to enjoy this anyway.

A movie was made about Hans in 1952; it’s called Hans Christian Andersen. I included a clip of it down below. I’ve seen the move on several occasions, but it’s been years.

One-elevenbooks will now sport two new categories. There will be an author category for Hans, but there will also be a general category called Andersen Fairy Tales.

So get ready. We’re going to do The Little Mermaid, The Tinderbox, and The Emperor’s New Clothes. We’re going to do it all.

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Andersen Fairy Tales


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