The Saucy Boy

The Saucy BoyThe Saucy Boy

Oh, so saucy!

Once upon a time there was a poet who heard a knock at his door. It was a little boy. He was cold and wet. The poet brought the boy into his house, warmed him, and fed him. The boy warmed up and began to dance around the room. He told the man his name was cupid.

The poet told the boy that his bow was damaged and the boy said it was not. He proceeded to shoot the poet in the heart. The poet decided to tell all the good boys and girls about Cupid as a warning, but Cupid always snuck up on them sometimes in disguise.

The ending admonishes all to be very careful of Cupid.

The End


Would this poet be a poet who writes love poems perhaps? I would guess so.

Cupid is also known as Eros, just FYI. His mother was Aphrodite. Cupid is the god of love and he goes around shooting people with his arrows getting them to fall in love.


The theme here is that love can get you when you least expect it. It can sneak up on you. It can come disguised. Little boys and girls were on the watch for Cupid as per the poet’s warnings, but Cupid eventually got them anyway. It’s life.


Rose are red, violets are blue, candy is sweet, and so are you.

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Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian


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