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The Red Tent Miniseries Review

The Red Tent Miniseries ReviewThe Red Tent Miniseries Review

This miniseries was created by Lifetime and is actually pretty good as far as Lifetime movies go. Someone must have pushed some more funding towards this project because the actors are better caliber, coming from Game of Thrones, The White Queen, and The Borgias just to cite a few, and the overall presentation of the movie is much better than the usual Lifetime fare. The miniseries is in two parts. It’s based on the book of the same name by Anita Diamont. I’ve read the book several times. Both are biblical adaptations of the story of Dinah.

The story of Dinah is in the book of Genesis. Dinah is the daughter of Jacob and Leah. Her brothers slaughter her new husband and all of the males of his entire city. Dinah is never mentioned again. This story is a look at what might have happened to her.


Dinah comes from a strange past. His father married four sisters. She has hoards of brothers. THe one closest in age to her is Joseph the son of Rachel. Dinah grows up with the tradition of the red tent. The red tent is where the women of the camp go to have their periods, as there were not such things as tampons and pads back then, they sat on clean straw and took a break from work. They told stories. They ate food. They did womanly things and worshiped womanly gods.

Jacob eventually breaks with Laban and moves his family into his brother Esau’s land. Jacob tried to take Esau’s birthright years before and everyone is scared, but things turn out alright. Dinah visits her grandmother Rebecca who is an oracle. They move outside of the city Shechem. There Dinah meets a handsome young man in the city. This man turns out to be a prince. His father is the king there. Dinah marries Shelem without the permission of her family. They demand all males of the city be circumcised as payment. The oldest brothers are not happy with this arrangement. Joseph tries to stop things, but it too late. Dinah wakes up in a pool of her husband’s blood. She curses her family and leaves.

Her mother-in-law finds her and takes her to Egypt. Where she has the child of Shelem, but she is barred from raising him herself and is kicked out of the house when he goes to school. Dinah lives by herself for years, but eventually gets married again and returns to the field of midwifery. By chances a million to one she meets up with her brother Joseph again. He too was treated terribly by the older brothers, but has managed to rise up and work for Pharaoh.

Dinah eventually makes peace with her past and the terrible thing that was done to her.


The movie was really well made for a Lifetime movie. It’s actually enjoyable to watch. It’s eventful. It has a time smidgen of history in it. The actors are good as far as Lifetime movie standards go. The woman who is Dinah was also in The White Queen if you happen to see her face and realize that she looks really familiar.

Jacob ages a heck of a lot while living on Laban’s land.


The Lifetime movie people played with time a bit in this story. Dinah is not as grown up as she appears to be when the family leaves Laban’s land. Jacob also doesn’t wait very long to marry Rachel in the book. The back story about Zilpah and Bilhah just isn’t in the movie. Joseph and Dinah were fairly close to age. The movie leaves out the strife between Leah and Rachel.

Jacob does not wrestle the angel in this movie, but it’s in the book. He does not meet his brother at the river. Dinah is actually younger when she first meets her uncle’s family and grandmother. She and Tamar are actually friends in the book for quite a while. Dinah sees her grandmother more than once. There is another midwife that lives among Jacob’s family, but she dies and is buried on the journey away. Ruti’s story is practically nothing in the movie.

Joseph’s story is made a much bigger part of the movie than it ever was in the book. Why can’t this just be a story about Dinah like it’s supposed to be. How come so much of Joseph was dragged into this. Joseph is absent from the plot from the time Dinah curses her family to the time Dinah meets back up with him in Egypt many years later, but yet, the movie flashes back to Joseph several times over the course of things. Look, this is Dinah’s story, not Joseph’s. There have been enough movies made about Joseph. Enough people have told his story. This is a time for the women. Ok?!

Re-nefer, called the Queen in the movie, was not as much of a witch to Dinah as the movie makes her out to be. She wasn’t exactly welcoming, but she did not kick Dinah out of her house. Dinah actually helped raise her son. She was a midwife and went to work with her midwife friend from the time she lived in Re-nefer’s house. Re-mose comes to see his mother several times over the course of his education not just once. Re-nefer was a bigger woman in the book than she was in the movie. In the movie she’s just mean; she’s not really all bad; I promise.

Re-mose is never such a brat to his mother in the book. Joseph never locks Re-mose up.

What I liked

The movie is a good movie as far as Lifetime movies go. I know it’s a miniseries, but I’m calling it a movie, get over it. Anyway, if you hadn’t read the book, you would really enjoy this movie. You would think it was a neat look at what could have happened to Dinah.

I liked that Lifetime got themselves some better actors for this movie.

What I didn’t like

There was so much of the book left out and the movie makers played with time so much in the story. I also really don’t know why they felt the need to revert back to Joseph’s story so much. THIS IS DINAH’S STORY! END OF ARGUMENT!

This movie is a bit bloody for a Lifetime movie, which isn’t really what you would expect, but you know, Lifetime may be changing for the better, we’ll see.

Parental Advice

Like I said, there’s a bit of blood, more than you would expect from a Lifetime movie. There is nudity, sort of. There are sex scenes, sort of. As far as the nudity is concerned, nothing is showing, but people are clearly naked. Things are just placed strategically so no nipples or man bits are showing. The sex scenes aren’t that revealing, but they’re there. I think there may be some butts, but I don’t entirely remember.


I liked that someone made a movie out of this book and despite all the trickery the movie people did with the plot, it’s still a pretty good movie.

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