The Best Thing the Galoshes Did

The Best Thing the Galoshes DidThe Best Thing the Galoshes Did

We’ve finally reached the end of what these darn galoshes have been up to.

The clerk was asleep in his bed when his neighbor, a student, decided that he wanted to go for a walk and he would borrow the galoshes of his friend. He crept into his room and when the clerk made no objections to his neighbor stealing his galoshes, he went away on his walk.

The student was having a nice walk, but wished he could be traveling in Switzerland and Italy. As the galoshes were magical he soon found himself in a diligence going over the alps from Switzerland to Italy. The journey was not an easy one and he wished to be done with it.

He soon found himself on sturdier ground in Italy. The journey was long and there wasn’t a good place to stay. He was worn out and wished for food and lodging. He found it with other travelers at a very nasty inn. It stank and no one could determine what the smell was. There were beggars in the street outside of the inn. The food was awful and some people joked that they might as well eat in the stable because then at least they would know what they were smelling.

The student thought that traveling was great, but he thought it would be neater if he didn’t have his body to continue with. The shoes granted his wish and he soon found his soul separated from his body. When he came back around, his body was lying in a coffin at a wake. Care and the maid of fortune were there. Care had her, “I told you so,” look on her face and asked the maid of fortune what good things the galoshes had brought to humanity. The maid of fortune said that the student had good things because he no longer suffered the woes of the Earth. Care did not agree and took the galoshes off of the student who subsequently returned to his body. In the end Care took the galoshes into her keeping as they weren’t doing anybody else any good.

The Best Thing the Galoshes DidObservations

There are a couple of Italian phrases in this story.

  • la bella Italia-Beautiful Italy
  • Eccellenza, miserabili– This basically means excellence, and miserable. I don’t know why the beggars would be saying this. It’s a given that they’re miserable. Maybe they’re addressing the travelers as excellencies as they seem to be of a higher class and could possibly spare some money and food.

The inn in this story sure sounds like an awful place. It gets half a star on Imagine the review!

Random Italian Inn

The innkeeper was ill-kempt and poorly dressed. Her clothing was full of holes. The food was absolutely awful. I’m pretty sure it was just leftovers from the Chinese restaurant next door, also of dubious nature. There was an awful smell in the entire place like some dead thing rotting and full of maggots. The parking garage smelled like people went to the bathroom in there all the time. We had to sleep in shifts because we were afraid the rats were going to steal our things. The walls were literally made of paper. There were also bed bugs and the person in the next room was a prostitute.

Worst vacation ever!

Don’t stay at that place. It sounds worse than a Motel 6. Ah, the joys of traveling!

The Best Thing the Galoshes DidThemes

Sometimes getting what you wish for isn’t so great. That’s really what this entire story is about. The galoshes gave people what they desired, but what people desired wasn’t really what they desired. They weren’t the kind of people to really want these things. The counsellor didn’t really want to live in the 1400s. The clerk didn’t really want to be a bird or a poet. The volunteer didn’t really want to see into the hearts of people. The other guy didn’t really want to go to the moon or be a lieutenant. They were passing fancies. Sometimes things just pop into our heads and we’re like,  “Yeah, that does sound great;” this especially happens when you’re really hungry and you order an entire pizza to eat yourself because you think you’re that hungry. You’re not that hungry. You’re going to eat until you feel sick and then just stare at the rest of your pizza with a mixture of disgust and nausea as it gets cold and the grease congeals.

There’s a song, it’s a country song, and it’s about unanswered prayers. The basic idea is to thank God for not answering all of our prayers. Sometimes the thing we thought we wanted isn’t the thing we really wanted, or needed. Look, those skinny jeans may sound like a great idea, in theory, but some of us really don’t need to wear skinny jeans. If you put those on your Christmas list and someone actually buys them for you, you’re going to be disappointed when you try them on and realize fully that you’re not a skinny jeans person. Cue Sir Mix A Lot and his big butt crew, because those skinny jeans just aren’t going to work.

It’s a good thing that we don’t always get what we want. At the time we think it sucks, but we can look back on it and be like, “Yeah, selling my house to become a professional pogo-sticker probably wouldn’t have turned out so great.”


“Honey, win me that giant stuffed teddy bear!”


*Later on at home*

“Where in the heck are we going to put this thing? It takes up half our living room.”

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