The Daisy

The DaisyThe Daisy

Daisies, we all like them right?

Once upon a time there was a daisy and it loved being a daisy.

I love being a daisy. Being a daisy is so cool! It’s the best. DAISY! DAISY! DAAAAAIIIISSSSSSSYYYY! I’m a DAISY!!!!!! Daisies are the most awesome in the world!!!!! I can close my petals up at night!!!! I feel the sun on my petals!!!! A lark sings in the tree by me!!!! Those tulips over there with their red petals think they’re so great, yeah, well they’re not! DAISIES ARE THE BEST!!!!

The daisy was busy thinking itself awesome when a girl came and cut the tulips away. The daisy briefly thought this was sad because if it had happened to the daisy, the daisy would die.

The daisy didn’t escape though. Some little boys came with a shovel and dug the daisy up. They thought to pluck off his head, but the other boy told him no.

They put the daisy in a bird with a caged lark. The lark was very sad and was lucky to have a friend in the daisy. The boys had not thought to bring the lark any water and the lark knew he would die. He ate up the grass around the daisy, but would not touch the daisy. The lark spent his last moments with the daisy and finally died. The boys were sad to see that the lark had died. The daisy was also sad to see that the lark had died. Even though the lark was hungry and thirsty, it did not touch the daisy even though it could have. The daisy was tossed out into the middle of the road by the boys who gave it no passing thought.

The End


It started out so promising, but ended up so sad.


Life is short. This poor daisy was enjoying being a daisy, but found itself cruelly uprooted and sentenced to death. Life isn’t fair. This daisy didn’t expect this to happen, but it happened to the tulips as well as it happened to the daisy. No flower was exempt from death, nor was any bird.

It says a lot about somebody if they are faced with death and something you have or something you are could prolong their life, but they choose not to take advantage of that because it would diminish your life. If you ever meet a person like that, you’ll know that you’ve found an absolutely amazing example of a human being. This sacrifice didn’t help the daisy though. The daisy ended up dead anyway. Its life was prolonged briefly because the lark chose not to eat the daisy.

Sometimes you give a kindness, but it’s not enough to stave off anything. Sometimes whatever you’re trying to prevent happens anyway, like giving chemo to a person who you already know is terminal. You’ve given them a little more time on the Earth, even if the quality of life was degraded. Was it worth it? It’s really up to the person, or daisy, to decide for themselves.


Poor little daisy. Poor little lark.

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