The Brave Tin Soldier

The Brave Tin SoldierThe Brave Tin Soldier

You may know this story as The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

Once upon a time a little boy received a new box of tin soldiers. They were all brothers because they had been made from the same piece of tin. They lived in a box, seventy-five of them together. The last soldier only had one leg because there wasn’t enough tin left to finish pouring him into the mold, but he stood firmly enough on his one leg.

At the place where he lived there were other toys. On a table there was a paper castle. There was a looking-glass on the table acting as a pond. Then there was the ballerina. She too stood on one leg. One leg reached so high into the air that the tin soldier could not see where it went. He thought that since they both stood on one leg he should talk to her, but a goblin in a box told him that he should hope for what he could not have.

At some point it was caused that the tin soldier was placed on a window sill, where he was knocked off and onto the ground three stories below. The little boy of the house and the maid looked for the tin soldier, but he had fallen down where no one could see and he was too proud to call out for help. They left leaving the tin solider behind.

Some other boys came along and spied the tin soldier. They thought he should have a boat. They made a paper boat for him and sent him sailing off down the gutter. The boat moved swiftly and eventually went under the road in a sort of tunnel. A rat there asked him for his passport, but he was going much too fast for the rat to catch him. The tin soldier came out the other side of the tunnel, but soon went over what appeared to him to be a waterfall. He sank. A fish swallowed him up.

The fish was caught and bought by the same house whence he had come. The cook chopped off the head of the fish and saw the tin soldier, the very same one that had been lost. For a while he sat on the table, but at one point the boy walked into the kitchen and cast the tin soldier into the fire. The ballerina looked his way and was caught up and also cast into the fire. There they both burned and melted. The next day the tin soldier had melted into the shape of a heart and all that was left of a ballerina was a flower.

The End


Hans was definitely emo. This story is just about as emo as you can get.

Tin is a very soft metal. It can be melted and shaped very easily. This is why the soldier melted so easily.


If you’re handicapped, look for someone else who is handicapped, because society won’t ever accept you…wait… that’s a terrible moral! Honestly, though, what other idea are you supposed to get from this story? Both the ballerina and the tin soldier had the misfortune to have the use of only one leg. Well, that just sucks. They would both understand the trials the other faced in life, but they never got to be together because of a goblin; in some of the stories it’s actually a Jack in a Box.

I think it’s really sad that they both died. We’ll never be together in life my love, but we can be together in death! That’s only the emo-est thing about this whole story. You know what, this is just weird-deformed-toy Romeo and Juliet. If there was a love story told in Sid’s house from The Toy Story, this would be it.


Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art though Romeo?
I’m over here, on the window sill…AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!
Oh Romeo!
Oh Romeo! You’re not dead!
Yeah, well, not yet, got a fire to jump into.
Oh, Romeo I can’t live without you!

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Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian


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