The Flying Trunk

The Flying TrunkThe Flying Trunk

Flying carpets–flying cars…who doesn’t want an object that flies that isn’t supposed to fly? By the way, this is the year we’re supposed to get hoverboards and flying cars as per Back to the Future.

Once upon a time there was a merchant who had lots of money. He was very good in managing it. When he died his son was left with lots of money, but his son was not good at managing it. He threw parties. He bought lots of cocaine. He hired hookers. He made little origami boats out of  five-dollar bills, that sort of thing. His money was eventually gone and he had nothing. A friend brought him a trunk and told him to pack up, but there was nothing left to pack up. He decided that since he didn’t have anything to put in the trunk, he would get in himself.

He didn’t know the trunk the trunk could fly. When the lock was pressed it flew. The trunk flew up the chimney and away with the man. He eventually found himself in Turkey. He was dressed in his dressing gown and his slippers, but everyone else in Turkey was dressed like that as well so he fit in.

After he had been there a bit he asked about a tower in the city. That was where the princess lived they told him. It was prophesied that she would be very unhappy about a lover so no one went to see her. The man decided he would see the princess. He got in his trunk and flew right to her window. She was beautiful and he wanted to kiss her, so he did. He told her he was a Turkish angel. He told her a story about all kinds of places and she really enjoyed the story. He asked her to marry him and she said yes. She told him to come back on Saturday and tell good stories to her parents.

The man came back prepared with a new dressing gown. He told the king and queen a story of a bundle of matches that were very impressed with their high birth. They were from a pine tree. They soon talked with all the other objects in the house, a pot, a bird, and a few other odds and ends. The fire tongs danced. The tea-pot wouldn’t sing unless she was on the stove and everyone thought her stuck up. They soon decided that they should put themselves in order. A maid came in and lit the matches and they were proud to bring light to everyone. The king and queen decided that the man should marry their daughter.

In celebration the man went to buy a bunch of fireworks. He set them off while flying in his trunk above the city. Everyone was very impressed. He sat his trunk down in the woods and went into town to listen to what everyone had to say about him up above the city. He went back into the woos to find that his trunk was gone. It had burnt up during the night because an ember was left from the fireworks. The man could not fly to his wedding or back to the princess. She is probably still waiting for him and very unhappy indeed.

The Flying TrunkObservations

Couldn’t this guy have taken a cab or something? Couldn’t he have just hitched  a ride to his wedding? Was he really so far away that he couldn’t get back, better late than never, you know.

Why would someone give you a flying trunk? It seems like a pretty valuable thing to have. Why give it away? If I had a trunk that flew I wouldn’t give it away. Maybe the other guy didn’t know that it could fly.

What was going to happen when this princess found out that this guy really wasn’t an angel? Was he just going to be like, “Yeah, well, I’m really a merchant’s son and I blew all of my father’s hard-earned money. Then I flew in your window and kissed you while you were sleeping.” I don’t see this ending well, even though the princess ends up without getting married, it’s probably better because she’s not with this guy.

The Flying TrunkThemes

He blew all of his money and he burned up his flying trunk. This man is not husband material. The princess is better off, just as I mentioned above. Look, some people don’t change. They don’t. They make the same mistakes over and over again. It’s either you learn to put up with those mistakes or you leave. You put that person out of your life, whether it be a friend or a spouse. You realize that your mental sanity is worth more than being with them and their stupid and frequent mistakes.

This man was not going to magically straighten up. People can do that, but often they don’t. This man wasn’t magically going to become responsible. He wasn’t magically going to learn how to handle money. He wasn’t magically going to become not a liar. He was going to be the same always. How long until he gambled away the fortune of the kingdom once he was in power?

This reminds me of an episode of Teen Mom or Sixteen and Pregnant, one of those stupid shows. There was this girl, pregnant, and her boyfriend kept getting speeding tickets, repeatedly, over and over and over again. It would be only a couple of weeks before he had another speeding ticket, but she stuck with him, at least on the episode. WHY?! He’s not going to change. He’s going to keep getting speeding tickets and you are always going to be broke because you’re paying the local government all of your money instead of spending it on your baby. Nice guy to procreate with, right?

Sadly, some people just don’t change. If this guy in this story had given any inclination to change then he would have gotten back to his wedding Hell or high water. He would have hitchhiked, stolen away on a train, or just whatever. He would have gotten there, but, you know what, he didn’t. He let this woman suffer because he was just prone to losing everything and never trying to make up for it. Man up! Get to your wedding. Stop being a loser.

Who lets something like a flying trunk burn up? What kind of person does that?


I want to slap this guy.

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