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#479 The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Seeing Stone by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi

The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Seeing Stone by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizziThe Spiderwick Chronicles: The Seeing Stone by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi

What are these weird kids up to now?

Well as it happens Jared is busy getting in trouble at school and getting detention and Simon is busy looking for a new cat that has suddenly disappeared. It’s been about a week since the last book. Jared has spent his time looking at the guide he found in the attic, while Thimbletack, the brownie/boggart/whatever that lives in the house tells him that it’s not a good thing to keep, all in rhyme of course.

Jared gets home and refuses to help Simon look for the new cat. Thimbletack tells Jared that it’s already too late they have Simon. He looks out the window and sees that his brother is struggling against something, but he cannot see what it is. Thimbletack tells him that he cannot see with his eyes. There are several ways to get the ability to see and one of them is a stone. Thimbletack helps them look for it, but Jared ends up having to take the lens from Thimbletack who insists on tests. Mallory helps fight off goblins without actually being able to see them.

Mallory and Jared go into the woods in search of Simon. They encounter a troll, but escape. They eventually find the camp of the goblins. A hobgoblin there offers to spit in their eyes so they can see. It works. They let Simon out of his cage, but also rescue all the other animals the goblins have in their possession. Sadly the cat has already been barbecued. They also happen to rescue a Griffin which they hide in their barn and help to recuperate.

What I liked

I like this idea of things being around us that we cannot see. I’m not talking about ghosts or angels or whatever. I’m talking about spectrums of light. There are different spectrums, the visible spectrum is what we can see as humans, but there are others beyond it. There is the infrared spectrum and the ultraviolet spectrum, these spectrums we cannot see with our eyes unaided. There are devices that can help us to see these spectrums, but we don’t go around with them everyday, so those spectrums are largely off-limits to us even though there may be things there for us to see.

Usually something as large as a creature wouldn’t be hiding in a completely different spectrum. It’s small things like sun damage and little specks of things that escape our vision out of the visible spectrum, but I have watched documentaries before that explore the idea of things being there in other spectrums that we cannot see which could be larger than little specks. It’s some interesting stuff.

So, yes, I like the idea of an unseen world being all around us.

What I didn’t like

These books are rather short. I kind of feel like Holly and Tony could have beefed these stories up a bit. I know the books target a certain age range, but come on. You could do better. These books could expand just a bit to have more in them story-wise. They could appeal to a larger audience range with a bit more to them.


Thimbletack seems like a jerk.

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Black-Holly, Children’s, DiTerlizzi-Tony, Family dynamics, Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery, what if, Young Adult


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