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#483 Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles: The Nixie’s Song by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi

Beyond the Spiderwick: The Nixie's Song by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizziBeyond the Spiderwick Chronicles: The Nixie’s Song by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi

Time has passed and the field guide has been published using Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi as a front. The only reason Nick knows any of this is because his brand-new step-sister is into all of it. She has a copy of the guide. She stole his room. She likes fairies and unicorns and stuff. The first thing she does upon moving into Nick’s house is to go outside and look for fairies. They don’t find anything, but Nick does find a four-leaf clover. It’s the first he’s ever found.

When he gets home he looks out the window into a storm and sees something strange. He tells Laurie, his sister, that it’s one of her things. It turns out the four-leaf clover gives the person holding it the sight. Laurie is finally able to see for herself after all her time invested into the world of fairies. They help the thing into the lake; it turns out it’s a Nixie.

The next day they promise the Nixie they will find her sisters. They both receive the sight from the Nixie after she dunks their heads in the lake she’s swimming in. They go off in the direction that the Nixie said her sisters were in. All they find is a very charred mess and a large creature. That large creature is a giant, which eats specific types of salamanders in order to breathe fire. The two escape, but decide they need better help.

They go to a book signing of the guide where they meet a clueless Holly and Tony, but someone who isn’t clueless is there. It’s Jared Grace. Jared agrees to help them with the giant. With the help of Simon he finds out that Arthur corresponded with someone in Florida about giants. The three go to this place in order to find out what they can find out. They find out that they can tie a giant’s head to his leg to disable him. The children manage to do this, but soon after a giant hunter shows up. He says they did pretty well.

Florida will not be overridden with giants after all.

What I liked

Giants in Florida! Ha! Florida is not a place that is my cup of tea. Maybe Holly and Tony like it, but I’m not overly fond of the state. I do think it’s funny that giants might be there though. It puts a little whimsy in a place that doesn’t really have whimsy. Oh, sure, Disneyworld is there, but if you took Disneyworld, SeaWorld, Universal, and Busch Gardens out of Florida and there isn’t much left that is whimsical. Florida is a place made whimsical by what people have put there, not necessarily by what was already there(flat land and mosquitoes).

What I didn’t like

I’m not particularly fond of Florida and as such I really don’t get a feel for books set in Florida. I mean those books are alright, but it’s more difficult to connect with the setting of a story if you don’t find the setting at least a little interesting.


What will happen next?
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Black-Holly, Books Set in the South, Children’s, DiTerlizzi-Tony, Family dynamics, Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery, what if, Young Adult


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