Why am I writing a post called 500? I’m writing a post called 500 because I hit 500 books reviewed on my website. Since January of 2011 over 500 books have been reviewed on One-elevenbooks. That’s half-way to a thousand. That’s a lot of books. I know I’ve read a lot of books in my life, but I’ve only kept track since 2011. It makes me wonder how many books I would be up to now if I had kept track of every book I had ever read. More than a thousand I’m sure, but how many exactly I couldn’t estimate accurately.

On the day of my 500 publication I happened to have the day off, so I celebrated a bit. I didn’t really do any partying or anything. I just had the day off from work, but I kept busy the entire day. I made myself a new spice rack and I did some artwork, in addition to reading and writing, of course.

500Ignore the holes in my wall. It’s an old house. I took the wallpaper off and underneath it were holes and green-ish plaster-y stuff. Those holes will be repaired someday.

At my house we have a lot of spices because my husband is addicted to buying spices from the bargain food store. They’re cheap for spices, and I am not above temptation myself when it’s a good spice for a good price that is usually a lot more expensive. The thing about having a lot of spices is that they get to overrun the place. There will be spice bottles everywhere and then you lose track of how many you have and what you have and where it’s at, in comes my spice rack.

My spice rack is made of curtain rods and 4-oz mason jars. Somebody told me they looked like smaller containers in the pictures, but they’re not. All in all, in this rack I could probably hold about 32-34 full bottles of spices. It’s kind of the mac-daddy of spice racks and, of course, it’s expandable because these are curtain rods, although, I wouldn’t push it too far because the further out you expand curtain rods, the less support they have. This project did take me a while and this is the Beta version of my spice rack. There are improvements I would make.

The little pieces of wood I needed I cut with my Dremel tool and I broke three supposedly heavy-duty cutting blades in the process. Dremel blades are not very heavy-duty in my opinion. Maybe I bought the wrong kind, I don’t know. Luckily, the blades don’t seem too deadly when they break apart and shatter everywhere. This really happened, three times.

The great thing about using Mason jars with their lids as spice containers is that you can write on the top of the lid with a dry erase marker what is inside. When that thing isn’t inside anymore, you can erase the writing and put something else inside. I don’t like the idea of using permanent markers to label these because they you permanently have to put that spice in that container, or rather, use that lid for that spice all the time. Life is too short to have designated spice containers. I’ve also seen people put this in action with chalk board paint, but it’s really too much work in my opinion and the dry erase marker works just fine. I used a fine tip dry erase marker, so you may not be able to see my labels, but it works for me. I can fit more in the space if I use a fine tip marker.

500After I finished my spice rack, which has more spices on it now by the way, I did some other things around the house, mainly finishing up some reading and writing for the day, but I also did some artwork. I apologize for the lighting in the photo. My art studio only has three light bulbs at night, and that’s only if I turn on my drafting lamp. This piece is far from being finished as it’s rather large and I still have a lot of work to put into it. This is just a sneak peek. It is a fairy tale illustration. I will tell you which when it’s finished. Don’t count on it being anytime soon though, because I don’t get a ton of time to work on it.

I will give you guys a tour of my art studio one day, when it’s finished. I still have plumbing that needs to happen in there. Right now I have a sink that isn’t hooked up to anything, which is kind of a bummer because you do need water to create artwork, especially when your husband is extra paranoid about you rinsing off brushes in the kitchen sink. It’s like a tragedy in my house if I rinse of brushes in the kitchen.

Just let that be a lesson to you, if you marry an artist, there will be paint in the sink, always. An artist tries their best to keep the sink clean, because you don’t want a paint gummed-up sink; I’ve seen it and it’s nasty; I’ve also cleaned a few out, also gross. If you like sticking your hands into wet, goopy, globby paint that congregates in the sink drain, then be my guest and keep your sinks dirty with paint.

For the record, I’m more of a watercolor paint person and watercolor doesn’t goop up in the sink.

So in the end, this is how I celebrated my day of publishing 500 book reviews.



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