I Apologize

I apologize You may have noticed some weird happenings going on around my site. It’s because I’m working on a pretty big project over on the main website and this involved me switching over to a WordPress network instead of just one self-hosted WordPress site. The plugin I was using to push content out to you guys here at apparently doesn’t work with multi-site. They do have another one, but it’s…wait for it…$149 dollars. Nice huh? I haven’t spent $149 dollars on a plugin yet and I don’t think I will. I’ve tried a couple of other options, but plain and simple, doesn’t like people publishing from other places so there aren’t a lot of options as far as pushing content from an outside source into

So just in case you’re wondering for your own amusement or information–it is possible to push content from a self-hosted site to a site. It’s easier if you have just one site, but if you have multi-site, forget about it, unless you have the spare money to cough up $149 for a small coded program.

I’m not against paying for plugins and themes and the like for my website. I know people take the time to program these things out and a little compensation wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but anything over a hundred dollars seems exorbitant to me. Who knows, the paid version may be the most wonderful thing in the world and I might love it if I had the money to just snap it up.

You may have noticed I’ve tried a couple of alternatives. One which includes posting by email. This hasn’t been working out so well for me because I can’t program the program enough to make things look how I want them to look. Maybe I’ll look into it at a later date, but for now, you’re getting a copy/paste post from my main website. It takes a bit longer, but I can’t disappoint you guys. Content is king around here.

So if you see a few hiccups, I’m sorry. I’ll try to have them resolved as soon as possible.

As always, you can always come over and visit me at, which is also under construction as well, but content is still up and readable.



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