New Thing!


There are going to be some changes around One-elevenbooks, but the main change is that One-elevenbooks is now a network. The main site will still function as normal. There will still be book reviews and posts about fairy tales. There will still be a post every single day at One-elevenbooks, but now there is something additional.

I have decided to create a network because I wanted different sub-sites for different writing projects. Since I’m all into the books, each site is going to be a book. Each site is going to tell a story in some way. It’s like a real book, but without all the publishing red tape and ability to actually hold it in your hand. Also, it’s like a blog, because it is a blog.

The first sub-site I have created is called The Book of Red House Farm. This site is going to be concerned with telling the story of my farm, but it’s also going to be concerned with DIY and farming projects. I used to write a crafty blog and I want to get back into it a little. The website is going to be part autobiography of life on a defunct farm and part how-to. The first couple of posts are already up on the website, no DIY yet, but there will be.

The web address is

You can also get to this link by going to and clicking on the Books of One-elevenbooks page which will give you links to each of the books of One-elevenbooks.

My other pet project, which isn’t really started at all, is moving all of my artwork to another sub-site catering more to photos than writing.

This will be called The Art Book of Ashe Arterberry and will be located at You can go there now, but there’s nothing there yet.

As I come up with more ideas, I will post more sub-sites. I do really want each sub-site to be like an interactive book.

In the future, there is a possibility of hosting other people’s book sites here at One-elevenbooks. There is no need to limit everything to just me. I review books from all kinds of places and I would want the ability for people viewing the website to see content from all kinds of people.


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