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#531 Sh*t my Dad Says by Justin Halpern

 Sh*t my Dad Says by Justin Halpern Sh*t my Dad Says by Justin Halpern

This is the first book in which Justin’s father says lots of things, most of them laced with profanity.

Justin moves back home after living on his own. He feels kind of awkward about it, but even though his father gives him a profanity laced explanation of him staying there, Justin can tell his father is glad to see him. Justin’s father is a doctor, although, I’m not entirely sure I would want Justin’s father for my doctor. I don’t think it would be very calming to go to the doctor for some ailment and then have the doctor be like, “Well, your @#*$##$ white blood cell count is @#(*$*$ high. I’ll have to prescribe a #$#(*$ antibiotic for you.” Of course, Justin’s father isn’t that kind of doctor. He works in nuclear medicine. It’s probably a good thing too.

Justin details his life with his father and the various advice, profanity laced of course, that he has received from his father. While being full of profanity, Justin’s father generally knows what he’s talking about.

What I liked

Justin’s dad is pretty funny, rude, but funny. He dispenses actual knowledge peppered with various curse words. While probably not the most grandmother friendly way to dispense knowledge, it does get the point across. Justin is lucky to have a father like his dad, even if it is a bit weird at times.

I really did like a lot of the advice Justin’s dad gives Justin. He’s a smart guy. It just goes to show you that you don’t necessarily have to be all lovey and positive reinforcement for your child to end up as a decent human being.

What I didn’t like

Justin’s dad is funny, but I’m not sure about Justin, maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, at least he figured out how to string all of this together into a book. Justin does write. He is a screen writer. He knows how to write. I’m just not sure he’s as funny as all of that. Justin’s dad is funny. Justin just observes his father and writes things down. I don’t feel as if this book is a display of Justin’s writing skills. I have read Justin’s book I Suck at Girls, and that book seems to display Justin’s writing skills better than this book.


If you want a laugh, this book is a good place to turn to.

Weigh In

Would the advice from your parents have been better with more profanity?

Do you think going to the doctor would be an easier experience with more profanity?


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