Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

What the Moon Saw-Sixteenth Evening

Moon by Ashe ArterberryWhat the Moon Saw-Sixteenth Evening

Hear what the Moon told me. “I have seen the cadet who had just been made an officer put on his handsome uniform for the first time; I have seen the young bride in her wedding dress, and the princess girl-wife happy in her gorgeous robes; but never have I seen a felicity equal to that of a little girl of four years old, whom I watched this evening. She had received a new blue dress, and a new pink hat, the splendid attire had just been put on, and all were calling for a candle, for my rays, shining in through the windows of the room, were not bright enough for the occasion, and further illumination was required. There stood the little maid, stiff and upright as a doll, her arms stretched painfully straight out away from the dress, and her fingers apart; and oh, what happiness beamed from her eyes, and from her whole countenance! ‘To-morrow you shall go out in your new clothes,’ said her mother; and the little one looked up at her hat, and down at her frock, and smiled brightly. ‘Mother,’ she cried, ‘what will the little dogs think, when they see me in these splendid new things?'”

That was the sixteenth evening.


This entire story is about being happy in clothes. Nowhere does the moon speak of the happiness of new parents or the happiness of newlyweds. It’s all about the clothes people are wearing. Did Hans really like clothes? Did clothes make him that happy? I don’t know Hans so I don’t know if he did really like clothes, but that’s what this story is about.

Clothes can make you feel pretty good about yourself. If you look good on the outside, you’re more apt to feel good on the inside. I had a friend who would dress up on the days that she was feeling down. It made her feel better. I’ve mentioned before that we’re somewhat shallow. Dressing up when you’re feeling blue is a quick pick-me-up. For a moment, things are right in the world. A new set of clothes or styled hair aren’t going to change the bad things in our lives, but it will make them seem a little less bad, just for a moment. That little bit of confidence just might give us what we need to face the rest of the day.


Back to the children–they’re strange little creatures. They are innocent and extremely perceptive, but they also feel emotions very strongly. Sure this bride seemed happy on her wedding day. Sure the soldier felt he looked authoritative and handsome in his new uniform. None of their confidence and happiness compared to that of a little girl. She’s a child. She doesn’t have adult worries weighing at the back of her mind. She’s living in the moment and she’s extremely happy about that new dress. It’s difficult to top a child in enthusiasm. If you think you get excited about chocolate, just wait and see how excited a kid gets about it. They don’t have to hold back their excitement for really any reason.


Clothes can make the man I suppose, at the very least they make you feel better for a while.

Weigh In

Retail therapy? Is it a real thing or not?

Does your confidence level increase when you wear a new outfit?


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