Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

What the Moon Saw-Twentieth Evening

Moon by Ashe ArterberryWhat the Moon Saw-Twentieth Evening

According to the artist it’s been two weeks since the moon has shown. The moon shows up like a boyfriend who hasn’t called and tells the artist about what he’s been up to. Apparently he was following a caravan out in the desert. He could have at least called right?

The caravan snaked its way across the desert. One day a man on a white horse rode up. He was traveling along as well. Perhaps he was thinking of his young bride who had only recently been welcomed into the city as a new bride. The bride herself looked out over the desert and wondered if her husband and her father were still alive.

A group of people came into the market and at the same time the young man with his horse was thinking of his bride, but that’s all we see because clouds passed in front of the moon and he could see no more.

That was the twentieth evening, although to be fair, the moon was gone for quite a while. So we could probably say this comprises more evenings that just one.


I just read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and for some reason this story really reminds me of that book. This story is a little different in that the moon doesn’t finish what he’s saying. He’s like, “Oh, dude, I was gone for two weeks and I saw all this stuff, but I don’t know the rest of the whole thing.” What a let down. Couldn’t the moon have peeked a little? Or at least made something up?

This story brings into account the actual nature of the moon a little more. Sometimes we don’t see the moon. Clouds pass in front of it. It’s raining. In those times we can’t see the moon. I guess you have to consider that if the moon were a sentient being, those times would be a little lonely and boring for him. He wouldn’t have anyone to watch or anyone to spend time with. We have to remember that it’s not raining everywhere though. While it may have been raining up in Denmark, or wherever this artist was, it wasn’t raining in the desert as the moon plainly states, but then it clouded up in the desert and the moon didn’t finish his story. Basically, sometimes we see the moon and sometimes we don’t.


There was just a bit of a love story in this short tale. The husband and wife were thinking of each other even though they were far away from each other. That’s sweet. It’s nice to know that someone far away is thinking of you. It’s not easy to be far away from someone you care about, but they do think about you from time to time, if they care about you that is. If they don’t care about you then they’re probably living it up in various strip clubs.

In the end, it’s nice to know you’re being thought of even when you’re far away from each other.

Distance does not make the heart grow fonder though, or at least I don’t believe it to be so. These two may be thinking of each other, but they would much rather prefer to be near one another. Being physically near a person makes a relationship a whole lot easier.


Get your stuff together Moon. I don’t want anymore of these half-stories.

Weigh In

Do you believe distance makes the heart grow fonder?

Where else do you think the moon was for two weeks?


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