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#538 The Book of Someday by Dianne Dixon

The Book of Someday by Diane DixonThe Book of Someday by Dianne Dixon

What if your past wasn’t what you thought it always had been? What if it took years for you to find out what really led you to where you are today?

Livvi is a little girl. She’s scared. She hides just to see if anyone misses her. This ends up in her father and step-mother being overly concerned about her. Livvi goes back to her lonely life. Fast forward a few years and Livvi is out living on her own as a writer. She has published a novel. It’s marketed as a fiction, but it’s really not. It’s about Livvi’s life growing up, which was not easy as Livvi was in almost total isolation. Livvi meets a man at a big book thing and her life changes.

We soon hear from two other women. One is named Micah and she lives in the present day while the other is named Annalee and she lives in the 1980s. Micah deals with the shock of a cancer diagnosis while Annalee deals with her niece coming to stay awhile. She also deals with her husband.

Micah has done something terrible in the past that she feels she needs to atone for. She goes around visiting some of the people she has wronged wondering if she made their lives better, worse, or kept them at a stand still. She is surprised to learn that they lived their own lives. She is surprised to find that she is as selfish as she is. One moment skyrocketed her to fame, but that moment wasn’t hers to give.

Annalee, on the other hand is a younger mother. She has a baby, but she also has a husband who acts like a baby. He has a law degree and he’s an MD, but says he’s not cut out for either one. He makes promises of bringing in more money and working harder, but he always fails. He never seems to get that people depend on him.

As Micah’s stories and Annalee’s stories move forward it becomes evident that they’re connected. It also becomes evident that Livvi is connected to the both of them.

Livvi moves forward with her man only to find out there are many things in his past that he has not told her. Livvi’s past is also coming to catch up with her. She must decide whether to continue on with something she knows is ultimately bad for her or tread in unfamiliar waters.

What I liked

I really like the way this story was built up. I love that there were these three opposing view and the reader isn’t really sure how any of them connect until almost at the very end. These three women are connected and in a closer way than any of them ever imagined.

I like to buy advanced reader’s copies of books when I come across them and this book was an advanced reader’s copy. It was supposedly uncorrected, but nothing stuck out at me as a huge glaring error, so good job Dianne.

As the story moved on, it became more and more interesting. I wondered why tell the story about these three different women? I was waiting for the connection and it finally happened. Towards the end of the book I was in a hurry to finish it to see what went on. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised at how the book turned out. I just bought it because it was an advanced reader’s copy. I had never heard of Dianne or of this book.

What I didn’t like

Here’s my first thing–she wrote about a writer. Dianne wrote about another writer. You guys know I don’t really like this in fiction books. Out of all the professions that a person could be, Livvi is a writer. Why couldn’t she have been an artist, or a doctor, or a Disney Imagineer, or a firefighter, or a woman boxer, or even a cashier. She could have been a multitude of other things, literally anything else, but she’s a writer. Have some imagination people.

As for my second thing, what is wrong with Annalee’s husband? Seriously? Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned, but a man is supposed to provide for his family and protect his family. The same goes of a woman as well, but historically, it’s the man’s responsibility. It’s not so much that Annalee’s husband isn’t doing these things; it’s that he’s letting more of the burden fall upon his wife and he’s providing very little.

I have no sympathy for this guy. Get off your butt and provide for your family. Go to work. Work the hours you need to work. You don’t like your job? Fine, but work that job while you find another job. It’s not ok to saddle a family with the debt of medical school and then with the debt of law school. School is freaking expensive, especially graduate level school in specialized area like law and medicine.

On top of being improvident this man is a coward. When his family needs him the most he turns and runs instead of facing the danger. Loser. I’m sorry, he’s a loser. I don’t care if you say, “Oh, he was scared,” or, “he’s not a violent person.” It doesn’t matter. There is no excuse for letting your family suffer because you were too much of a chicken to deal with the situation. You get up and you face whatever danger it may be because it’s your family.

I know we live in this age where we want to do away with defined gender roles and all of that jazz. That’s fine. What’s not fine is one person letting the other person take the burden of everything, especially if that other person is the caregiver to the children in the relationship. Someone has to provide for the family, be it the man, the woman, or both. Quite frankly, I’m just old-fashioned enough that I believe this burden falls just a bit heavier on the man as he doesn’t have to be pregnant. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if you are the man or not. You should feel the responsibility of providing for your family. If one person can’t do it; you step up. If one person isn’t doing their part out of sheer laziness, then you say goodbye to that person. You’re honestly better off on your own than trying to provide with some lazy and unmotivated person around.

I have no respect for Annalee’s husband at all. He ended up ruining a little girl’s life because he was a lazy coward. Honey, if your man is like that, you’re better off without him.


Lazy and improvident men(well, lazy and improvident people in general) infuriate me. If you don’t want responsibility don’t get married and don’t have kids. Don’t even get a cat or a houseplant.

Weigh In

Do you like stories that start off separately and then merge together?

Why do people tolerate lazy?


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