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Put Your Best Words Forward

Put your Best Words ForwardPut your Best Words Forward

In an age where everyone seems to use 😉 and lol instead of actually writing out, “I’m winking at that,” or, “that makes me laugh out loud,” proper grammar and writing seem to be on a back burner. Who wants to type out, “Laugh out Loud,” when they can just text, “lol”?

As an aside, I had to look up where to put that question mark just now, and I’ve been writing here for a while. Apparently, I’ve been doing it the correct way, at least according to some people.

Even if it has become widely acceptable to ROFL, LMAO, LOL, and TTYL, proper writing skills and grammar skills are still essential professionally. You shouldn’t write a scientific research paper with wording such as, “When testing our hypothesis we found that often cats that were frightened just before falling did not land on their feet, lol.” No one is going to take you seriously. In a professional environment, people expect you to write professionally. By the way, some people would frown upon my usage of the word “you” in writing.

The whole point of writing and speaking is expressing ourselves in a way that others can comprehend. Why even bother if people aren’t going to understand what you’re saying? The better you are at expressing yourself verbally and through the written word the more desirable you are to other people for certain tasks.

Let’s take being a writer as an example since we’re discussing writing. I have reviewed a lot of books, over five-hundred. Many of those five-hundred plus books were without error, but I came across books where there were multiple errors of grammar and spelling.I am more forgiving than some because I know that these are just mistakes, but other people are not. Other people will look at these writing errors and not give the person another chance. If writing is how you’re presenting yourself to the world, it better be interesting, and it better be correct. Don’t use “their” when you meant “they’re.”

A company named Grammarly recently did a study on grammar and writing skills. They selected over four-hundred freelance writers. Each of the writers had an average rating of at least four stars, under various writing services. Grammarly found that the writers who make fewer mistakes made more money. Honestly, it all seems common sense. If you’re a writer and you make a bunch of mistakes all the time, you’re not particularly good at your craft. In the art world, they would call that craftsmanship. You can be an artist or a writer, but if the quality of your art or writing isn’t particularly good, then you may not be received very well.

After gathering some more information, Grammarly was able to create the infographic seen in this post. Looking at other professions, it’s evident that it doesn’t matter what profession you’re in, you still need to have good writing skills. The less writing mistakes you make, the more money you are paid.

While proper writing isn’t the sole determination in one person being paid more than another person, it does play a part. Employees are representatives of the companies they work for. Having someone send out an email that says, “I dun did it already y’all don’t got to worry about it none,” isn’t representing that company in the best light. People are going to think that everyone who works there is stupid and, therefore, think the company is stupid.

Referring to the infographic, it doesn’t matter what type of professional you are, you better be able to write properly if you want people to perceive you as more valuable. So think about that the next time you want to put a “lol” in that email.

If you are interested in learning more about Grammarly please visit their website to check your grammar.


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