Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

What the Moon Saw-Thirtieth Evening

What the Moon Saw-Thirtieth EveningWhat the Moon Saw-Thirtieth Evening

On the thirtieth evening the moon was looking down upon a house. There a bear was tied up outside by himself. The man who minded the bear was in a tap room. In the attic, three children were playing by the light of the moon. They were young children, the youngest about two years old.

They were playing with their various toys when they heard heavy steps upon the stairs. It turned out that it was the bear. The children hid in fright, but the bear soon sniffed them out. When it was realized the bear would do no harm, the children began to play with the bear. They gave him their toys and he stood at attention, although he didn’t hold a gun very well. The mother came up to see what was going on.


“Suddenly some one came to the door, which opened, and the mother of the children appeared. You should have seen her in her dumb terror, with her face as white as chalk, her mouth half open, and her eyes fixed in a horrified stare. But the youngest boy nodded to her in great glee, and called out in his infantile prattle, ‘We’re playing at soldiers.’ And then the bear leader came running up.”

That was the thirtieth evening.

ObservationsThe Adventure of the Speckled Band

In the story, the bear is called “bruin.” Bruin was actually a term people used to use to mean bear, specifically brown bears and mostly in fairy tales. “Bruin” actually means “brown” in Dutch. So if you’re wondering why this bear or any bear is ever called “bruin,” that’s why.

Let me tell you a sad story. Once upon a time there was a man named Timothy Treadwell. Timothy liked bears, a lot. He spent thirteen summers in Alaska pretty much living with bears. He got close to the bears. He gave them names. He touched them and their cubs. Do you want to know what happened to Timothy? Bears ate him. Bears ripped him apart and then ate him. They ate his girlfriend too.

Bears are not safe animals to be around. It doesn’t matter how tame you think that bear is, it can still kill you. Bears are volatile animals. There is a little show called Fatal Attraction that comes on Animal Planet. The show is all about people who are of the mindset that you can be around wild animals and be ok, but then those same people get attacked by leopards, lions, chimpanzees, big lizards, bulls, and so many types of animals. These animals may seem tame, but they will kill you and then they will eat you.

The situation in this story was very dangerous. This bear could have gobbled up all of these children and then had the mom for a snack



Now that I’ve gotten the point across about how dangerous this situation was, we can rebuke the bear leader. The man who was supposed to be watching this bear was in a bar drinking. He should have been watching his bear or he should have at least made sure the bear was more secure. He ran up those stairs in a hurry when he realized where his bear had gone.

Bottom line–if you have a responsibility that involves the safety of other people, you can’t wander off and go drinking while you’re supposed to be performing that responsibility. That’s why it’s not ok for police officers to stop in the bar when they’re on duty. This man should lose his bear leader license.


Bears are not your friends.

Weigh In

Would you have a pet bear?

Would you be anywhere near a bear?


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