Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Wicked Prince

The Wicked PrinceThe Wicked Prince

Once upon a time there was a wicked prince who terrorized the lands all around. He desired nothing more than to add to his wealth and his lands. He conquered all sorts of nations and did unspeakable things. He brought home an enormous amount of wealth to his homeland. His people had no idea of the terrible things he had done. He made the kings of defeated lands pull his chariots, but no one caught on.

The prince wanted more and more. He did not have enough wealth, even though he had conquered so many lands. He soon erected statues of himself in all the conquered places. The priests did not agree with him. They told him that he might have been mighty, but God was still mightier than he.

The prince decided to wage a war against God. He had a beautiful ship built. It had a tail like a peacock’s. Each eye was a gun. Eagles were tethered to the ship, and they caused it to fly. The ship rose up and up. God sent one lone angel against the prince, and the prince returned with what seemed like all the firepower he had. One drop of blood fell from the angel and onto the ship, but the weight of it was so great that the ship plummeted to the Earth. The prince was half dead when the ship landed in a tree, but he swore he would conquer God.

The prince spent seven years building other flying ships and developing new weapons. He and his ship once again rose into the air to conquer God. God was ready though, he sent a swarm of gnats to pester the prince. The prince swatted at the gnats but could not hit them. He ordered for costly coverings to cover himself, but one little gnat got inside. It bit him, and it stung. The prince threw off his clothes and danced about because the spot burned so much. The soldiers looked on upon the man who had dared to oppose God, but was conquered by one tiny gnat.

The End



There are stories about people trying to conquer God, the most notorious being the story of the Tower of Babel. People wanted to build a tower to get to God. They built a tall tower, but their efforts were foiled. God caused the tower to fall and the people’s languages to be confounded. God proved that, even though, the efforts of the people had been mighty, they were not enough to conquer him.

It’s the same with this story. A man tried to conquer God because he saw God as the only thing greater than himself. He had already conquered everyone who was weaker, and now he turned to that which was stronger. He lost because he just wasn’t as mighty as he thought he was.



There are two imperative things we should take away from this story.

The first is that this prince seemed wonderful to his people for quite a while. The people praised him. No one suspected him of all the nefarious things he had done in order to gain such wealth and prosperity. That’s how it all started. We did see that gradually the priests became less accepting of him. In the beginning, though, everyone thought he was great stuff. That’s how it always seems to be with dictators.

In the beginning, everyone thinks their ruler is so wonderful, but things don’t stay that way. People outside of the country know better, but the people inside of the country like all the new changes that are happening. Then things slip a little. Things slip a little more. People hear things. Bad things start to happen. People eventually realize that their ruler isn’t as great as he or she had seemed. I can guarantee you, that, by the time this prince started his second war with God, his people were quite the discontented lot.

The second thing we need to take away from this story is that this prince was defeated by gnat. How tiny is a gnat? A gnat is pretty small. This man was so much bigger than a gnat, but yet, it defeated him. We have to remember that we may be big compared to other things, but those tiny things can pack a punch. Most likely, the prince was so concerned with all the big things, that he never even imagined that something so little would defeat him.

It’s not just the big things that will get you; it’s the little things too. Be wary.



This guy–what a dork.

Weigh In

Who wages a war against God and thinks they’re going to win? There’s a song with a line that goes something like, “I fought the law, and the law won.” Same concept.

Do you think this prince was too concerned with the big things?



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