Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Ole-Luk-Oie The Dream God-Tuesday

Ole-Luk-Oie The Dream God-TuesdayOle-Luk-Oie The Dream God-Tuesday

On Tuesday, Ole-Luk-Oie came to Hjalmar again. This time he made all the furniture come to life. Each piece of furniture talked only of itself. There was a painting on the wall of a landscape in a gilt frame. Ole-Luk-Oie picked up Hjalmar and put him in the painting. There Hjalmar got on a sail boat. He passed by castles inhabited by princesses with the faces of girls he knew. He passed by princes. Hjalmar continued to sail. He sailed on past the most wonderful sights. At last Hjalmar came to the town where his nurse lived.

She sang the following to Hjalmar:

“How oft my memory turns to thee,

My own Hjalmar, ever dear!

When I could watch thy infant glee,

Or kiss away a pearly tear.

’Twas in my arms thy lisping tongue

First spoke the half-remembered word,

While o’er thy tottering steps I hung,

My fond protection to afford.

Farewell! I pray the Heavenly Power

To keep thee till thy dying hour.”

All the flowers nodded along as if Ole-Luk-Oie had told them stories as well.

That was Tuesday night.


Hjalmar had a nurse, which means several things. It means he’s from a more well-to-do family, but we could have already determined that by the presence of schoolbooks in his room, a picture with a gilded frame, and even the fact that he had his own room. Children of families that were well-to-do used to be sent out to live with a nurse for a while or the nurse lived at the house, however the family decided to work it out. The nurse was often a wet-nurse, which meant the woman breastfed someone else’s baby for money, board, or whatever.

In some cases, the nurse acted more like the mother than the mother herself. The mother herself was often in high society and attended various functions. The nurse was caregiver to the child. Feelings did develop. The idea that Hjalmar wanted to see his nurse is not far-fetched. He missed her. She raised him for a period of time and was like his mother.


It’s difficult to break a parental bond. The nurse may not have been Hjalmar’s mother, but she probably treated him just as good as any child of her own. Hjalmar probably saw this woman as a mother even though he probably knew she wasn’t his mother. The nurse spent time with him and even sang to him. She made up a song for him. People don’t just make up songs for random children. She made up this song for Hjalmar because she loved him.

This dream is actually a little sad because Hjalmar misses the woman who was essentially a second mother to him.


Poor kid. These dreams all seem to be bittersweet.

Weigh In

Why do you think the furniture only talked of itself?

What’s up with little boys and sailboats?


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