Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Ole-Luk-Oie The Dream God-Thursday

Ole-Luk-Oie The Dream God-ThursdayOle-Luk-Oie The Dream God-Thursday

On Thursday, Ole-Luk-Oie came to Hjalmar again. This time he had two mice. The mice wanted to invite Hjalmar to a wedding. They were going to be married and lived under the floor of Hjalmar’s mother’s storeroom.

Hjalmar wondered how he would ever get through the tiny hole that went to the storeroom, but Ole-Luk-Oie said he would take care of that. He shrank Hjalmar down and down until he was teeny-tiny. He could just wear the clothes of a tin soldier, which he did.

One of the mice wanted to pull him in his mother’s thimble.

Hjalmar was taken below the storage room. There was a narrow passageway. It smelled of bacon grease. The mouse explained the bacon grease had been smeared on the walls in order to celebrate the wedding. At the wedding, there were many other mice; the entire room had also been smeared in bacon grease. For dessert, there was a pea with the initials of the couple carved into it.

Overall it was a nice wedding, but Hjalmar had been obliged to become tiny and crawl through small passageways to attend it.

That was Thursday evening.


It does make you wonder what the little things in your house get into. Do they have their own villages and cities somewhere in your walls? I’m pretty sure there is a stinkbug colony somewhere in my house. They fly out at night when I’m trying to sleep and buzz around the room. Darn bugs.


Weddings, fun right? Or are they? People say they like going to weddings, but then you have to dress up and you have to buy a present and you have to pretend you like all those people that are there. Maybe you don’t like them at all? Maybe you don’t like the bride? Maybe you don’t like the groom? Maybe you know it’s going to end in a disaster? We all say we’re celebrating a new relationship, but for many of us, it’s just a chance to get some free food, or free booze, depending on how you roll.

Hjalmar went to a wedding, he had to get all dressed up and go through things he wouldn’t have normally considered going through. Who wants to wear an uncomfortable tin soldier’s uniform? Who wants to shrink down tiny? Who wants to go through a room that smells like bacon grease? Bacon is great and all, but bacon grease does rot after a while, which would smell gross.

What I’m trying to say is weddings and proper functions are great, but they’re also exhausting. It almost seems that you have to be an entirely different person to attend weddings and similar functions.


Couldn’t they have gotten part of a cookie for dessert?

Weigh In

Weddings are fun? Yeah or Nay?

Do you think events where you can’t be yourself are draining? Why or why not?


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