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#545 Are you There, God? It’s me Kevin by Kevin Keck

 Are you There, God? It's me Kevin by Kevin Keck Are you There, God? It’s me Kevin by Kevin Keck

Margaret asked God if he was there years ago, but Kevin Keck also asked God if he was there, although Kevin’s story is much more grown-up than Margaret’s story.

Kevin does not have a come-to-Jesus moment that makes him believe in God. Kevin and God have had a complicated relationship. First of all, let’s get this straight, this is not a story of a man who found Jesus. This is the story of a man who is trying to find some kind of meaning in all the craziness of his life. Let me tell you, Kevin has got some craziness going on.

Kevin isn’t exactly a bad egg, but Kevin does some things that I wouldn’t do. I mean, I really wouldn’t do a lot of the things Kevin did. With all of that said, Kevin is freaking hilarious. Parts of his story made me laugh out loud. I mean it, the whole “lol” thing. I don’t know if Kevin embellished the truth in some of these moments, but they sure were funny.

Kevin wavers between believing in God and not believing. One of his friends told him to be a cow, but Kevin didn’t understand. The advice was to just be, but Kevin didn’t know how to just be. There were difficult times in his life. Kevin tried drugs. Kevin tried becoming a priest. Kevin tried bad relationships. Kevin tried being a teacher. Kevin tried taking care of his grandmother. Kevin goes through many things in his life trying to figure out what he wants to do and where he wants to be. It seems there are always things that side track him from doing other things, but that’s life.

Kevin finally finds himself a place in the world. It’s not come-to-Jesus moment and there is nothing spectacular that happens, but Kevin finally ends up being himself.

What I liked

Kevin is pretty funny. I truly did laugh out loud on several occasions. I don’t know how much of this he made up; he did admit that he took a few licenses with his stories. He’s still funny though.

Kevin is a bit of a screw up, he is. I’m not going to sugar-coat Kevin’s life. Kevin does a lot of crap, but he’s not a bad guy. At one point in Kevin’s story, he helps take care of his grandmother who is descending into dementia or Alzheimer’s. Kevin helps his grandmother to the bathroom. He gives her a shower. This part of Kevin’s story really touched me. I have a soft spot in my heart for people who take care of their grandparents, especially in the manner that Kevin helped his grandmother. There are not many people who would do this. There are not many people who could look at one of their grandparents naked. Kevin may be a screw-up in a lot of ways, but he is a good person inside.

What I didn’t like

At the same time that I admire Kevin for some of his screwed-up-ness, I also kind of want to slap him in the face. What was with all the drugs? What was with the unprotected sex and Kevin admitting that he had been having unprotected sex for years? Why? What was Kevin thinking? There are more things I could point out about Kevin’s wavy path through life, but I’m not going to. Kevin really makes life harder on himself. I know I’m giving Kevin a hard time about the things he has done, but all in all, he turns out ok. He’s a screw-up, but you know what, he pulls himself together.

It’s a good thing Kevin did straighten himself up a bit. I don’t know Kevin, but I’m glad he was able pull through some of the difficult things in his life and then laugh about them. I’m glad he found some type of idea of God in his life. He could have done it with less drugs, less sex, and less cussing, but the important thing is that he found a way to be a cow.


If you like rambling memoirs, Kevin’s quest for God is something you might be interested in.

Weigh In

Are stories of found faith better if they come from a wayward person or a person who has been on a straight path their entire lives?

Do you think hard won faith is more valuable than constant faith?


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