Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Drop of Water

The Drop of WaterThe Drop of Water

There was once a man named Kribble-Krabble. He wanted the best of everything and if he couldn’t get it by other means, he used magic. He looked at a drop of pond water with a magnifying glass. There he saw all manner of little beings. They were all going this way and that, fighting with one another.

He thought they were not visible enough. He used a drop of witch’s blood from the earlobe, as that was the best kind, to dye the little creatures. They soon showed up in pink, but that did not stop them from fighting with one another and scrambling about. They wore no clothes and fought in their cities.

His friend, the magician, came over and marveled at what Kribble-Krabble had done. Kribble-Krabble told him he would make him a present of the thing if the magician could tell him what it was.

The magician guessed that it was some great city because it looked so with all the creatures fighting and going about in the buildings.

Kribble-Krabble said, “It’s a drop of puddle water!”

The End


I honestly don’t know that puddle water is all that exciting. I know there are little things living in pond water and puddles, but it’s not as exciting as this story says. I’m sure to an untrained eye, microscopic organisms might look pretty interesting and bizarre, but it’s algae and bacteria, not some complicated little city.


As described, this little bit of pond water looks like a hedonistic free-for-all. The magician didn’t know that it was a puddle of water and thought it was some great city. We’ve all heard it before. Those city people, walking around naked, murdering each other, and harboring all the ill manners of the world! Sheesh!

We do often tend to describe cities in this manner. Don’t argue with me, we do, especially if you live more out in the country. We describe the big cities just as I said, hedonistic free-for-alls. Are cities really like this? Um, well…yeah, or so it would appear from the outside. The cities can be places where the worst of humanity is congregated. You don’t go in the bad part of LA or New York or Atlanta at night. You lock your doors and stay inside.


Who in the world is named Kribble-Krabble?

Weigh In

What do you think about cities being dens of iniquities?

Where do you think Kribble-Krabble got a drop of witch’s blood?


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