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#549 Falling Apart in One Piece by Stacy Morrison

Falling Apart in One Piece by Stacy MorrisonFalling Apart in One Piece by Stacy Morrison

Stacy’s life took a turn she never anticipated one evening. Her husband, Chris, looked around and said, “I’m done.” What Chris meant was that he was done with married life and being a family. This declaration along with a host of other factors, mainly involving water, caused Stacy to slip and slide for two years in life.

Stacy thought she had it all. She had a husband, a child, a good job, and the dream house. It turns out the husband wasn’t really into the whole thing. The child was more work than expected. The dream job was only won in a very difficult time in Stacy’s life after being fired from another job. The house would fill with water. Water plagued Stacy. It kept coming in when and where it shouldn’t. She explained events in her own emotional life as leaking, perhaps to mirror what was going on with her house.

Stacy had never anticipated getting married. She wanted to be a high power career woman, which she was, but she also got married. Chris was often more off to the side in things. He didn’t like family gatherings. He didn’t like where he was in life. He didn’t like Stacy. He blamed all the ills of his life on her…just like a man. *eye roll*

Stacy would fall apart remembering her life which she thought had been near perfect. She had liked where she had been, even if there were difficult times. Stacy moved through life slowly, but kept busy. She eventually realizes that she can be on her own and be her own person without Chris, but it takes her a while.

What I liked

I liked reading about Stacy’s life. I liked reading a story of a person going through a divorce and what all went through her head. I liked that I saw some behaviors that were common to people I know. I’m glad that Stacy realized that she could be on her own and could live her life away from Chris and her first marriage. I have no idea if Stacy has remarried. I like that Stacy works for Redbook.

What I didn’t like

Stacy, Honey, Sweetie…Bless…your…little…heart. I feel sorry that Stacy had to go through this divorce and all the emotional turmoil it brought into her life, but…but, come on. Seriously?!

Ok, maybe I’m being a little too hard on Stacy, but I feel like she’s being overly whiny about this, and who wouldn’t be? Going through a divorce isn’t easy. You get a pass to whine.

What bugs me about Stacy’s divorce is that her response seems too big for the way her relationship ended. So Chris didn’t want to be married anymore. So Chris didn’t like social activities. So Chris blamed all the ills of his life on Stacy. All of that sucks, it really does, but it’s nothing. It’s so much of nothing that I am a bit flabbergasted. Chris didn’t cheat on Stacy. He wasn’t emotionally or verbally abusive. He treated Stacy like a person. He wasn’t physically abusing her. He wasn’t trying to take all of her money. He wasn’t kidnapping their son. He wasn’t doing any of that. The simple fact of the matter is that Stacy and Chris are two different people who want to live their lives in different manners. That’s small potatoes. I will say that I know that none of this felt small to Stacy.

I feel bad for Stacy because she did really love Chris. It must suck to have a marriage ended all while you still deeply love the person. I get that it’s a tough situation. My whole point is that it could have been worse.

Look, here’s another bone I have to pick with this, and this isn’t really about Stacy in particular it’s about her situation–Stacy is privileged. She does all this complaining about how her divorce was so awful and it emotionally tortured her. Like I said, I get it, but Stacy has a heck of a lot she shouldn’t be complaining about. Stacy has a high-paying job. Stacy has a nice, expensive house, even if it does leak. Stacy can afford to live in New York City. Stacy is white. Stacy has a child. Stacy was married to a man who didn’t love her the way he should, but he wasn’t that bad. Stacy can afford to spend an entire month in the summer at some vacation spot. I feel bad for Stacy, but, then again, I don’t feel bad for Stacy. A white woman with money went through a divorce because her husband didn’t want to be married anymore, so what?

Stacy, boy, do I have some stories for you!

Tell me a story about a woman of mixed race, who is poor, has three kids, and is going through a divorce with an abusive stalker. Tell me that story–when you do, then you can whine.


I don’t know how Stacy and Chris are communicating these days since they’ve been divorced for a while. I hope everything is going ok. I really hope Stacy has found someone else to live her life with.

Weigh In

I’m going to ask you point-blank–do you think Stacy is whining too much?

I fully acknowledge that I’ve been a bit tough on Stacy. Thinking about Stacy’s divorce versus one of those awful divorces you hear about, is one story more worthy than the other to be told?


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