Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Pigs

The PigsThe Pigs

One there was a carriage that was used for the strange purpose of being a pigsty. One could tell that it had once been beautiful. The carriage would have been used for stately guests as there was fine carving on it and it once had damask.

The seasons changed and the pigs what had been living in the carriage were turned out to the woods. The carriage said, “The beautiful is gone.”

The pigs were out in the woods, with their piglets, looking for acorns. There was a rose-bush with a king rose on it. The leaves had changed. The weather was changing. The beautiful was gone. The king rose knew the beautiful was gone. The piglets still looked for acorns. One had heard they were under the trees, while another had heard that they fell from the sky. All the animals and plants lamented the fact that the beautiful was gone and there were no fruits to be found.

Nearby there was a forester in his cottage reading from the Bible. Spring would come again and the beautiful would come once again as the Earth renewed itself, but the rose king did not hear this and the pigs did not hear this. They would appreciate the beautiful, but did not know that it would come back again.

The End


I guess you use what you have when you have animals. If you have a carriage, you turn it into a pigsty. Honestly, these people sound like rednecks.

There’s an old Mustang GT over there, let’s make it into a dog house.

Alright, Cleetus.

I guess it’s a conversation point, if anything.

When you’re farming, you get creative. My across the road neighbors made their old barn into a giant chicken coop. At first glance, it looks like it’s falling apart, but they’ve secured it with chicken wire and the chickens live in it just fine.

I’ve also read about people using cat litter boxes for roosting boxes for chickens. It’s all about recycling what you can find.


In this story man is the only one with access to the Bible. None of the animals, nor the rose-bush, has the Bible. They do not know what man has been promised. They do not know that Spring will come again. They’re also not guaranteed to live until the next spring, so their beautiful may truly be gone. A rose lives for but a short time. A pig may live for a year before it’s butchered. If that is the case and these pigs are to be butchered, then the beautiful really is gone for them. The fall and winter are the final stages of their lives.

Man knows that spring will come again, but eventually, he too will experience the fading days of life. The beautiful will be gone.

The beautiful is spring and youth. You are only young once and then those days pass. Spring only comes once a year.


I wonder what the chickens on this farm had for a coop.

Weigh In

Would you use an old car for your pets’ house?

Do you think pigs can recognize the difference in the seasons and know that winter will come?



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