Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Conceited Apple Branch

The Conceited Apple BranchThe Conceited Apple Branch

One day a noblewoman walked by and plucked a flowering apple branch from a tree. She admired its beauty and the apple branch became quite full of itself for having been plucked for a noblewoman. Once back at the castle, the branch was placed in the window where a beam of sunlight fell upon it. The apple branch marveled at over how beautiful it was and it felt sad for other plants. It marveled at how people were fairly similar to the different species of plants. Each person seemed different just as each type of plant seemed different.

The apple branch felt particularly bad for the plant called the dandelion. The dandelion was a flower, but was also considered a weed. People would cut it down. People did not value it.

The sunlight spoke with the apple branch. Why did it feel so bad for the dandelion? The apple branch says that the dandelion was not worth as much as it was. The sunlight asked it to observe the dandelions. Children came and plucked them to blow away their seeds. They made necklaces out of chains of dandelions. The apple branch didn’t think it a very big deal that dandelions entertained children.

Then an old woman came and dug around the roots of dandelions. She was going to take them home to make herself a tea from their roots and sell the rest for a bit of money.

The apple branch still was not impressed with the idea that the dandelion had any merit, but just then, another woman came into the room. She had carefully carried a fuzzbull of a dandelion in from outside, so that not one of the little seeds was lost. She thought it was marvelous and was going to paint it next to the apple branch. The sunlight kissed both the apple branch and the dandelion as they were both valuable and of worth.

The End


Dandelions are, in fact, very useful. You can make a tea/coffee substance out of their ground-up roasted roots. You can eat the roots. You can eat the greens. You can make wine from the yellow flowers. You can blow the puff balls away. Sure, they invade your yard and destroy the look of your perfectly manicured Bermuda grass, but they’re useful. There is actually a substance in dandelions that is extremely good for you, namely Vitamin B17, which is effective in fighting cancer.

Sure, apple blossoms are nice-looking, but can they fight cancer?


This apple branch thought it was so high and mighty. It thought its flowers were the most beautiful. They are pretty as you can see from my picture for this post, which is a picture I took of my apple tree. If you have enough blooms, they actually look like snow on your trees in the spring, which is really pretty. Those apple blossoms will later turn into apples, which is a plus.

It’s true that dandelions aren’t exactly pretty, but they have their value, just as any plant has its value. A lot of those plants you see and think are weeds, have some sort of medicinal value, take thistles for example. They’re apparently good for you.

Either way, taking into account that both the apple branch and dandelion have their merits, they’re both essentially valuable, but in different ways. Just because something looks different, doesn’t mean it’s worth any less.

The same goes with people. Just because someone looks different, doesn’t mean they’re worth less. It’s something to think about the next time you want to judge a person on their appearance.


Darn apple branch, what a jerk.

Weigh In

The apple branch thinks it’s a good thing to praise beauty, what do you think?

Do you like dandelions?


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