Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

On Judgment Day

On Judgment DayOn Judgment Day

Judgement day will be the most solemn day of our lives. Death once came to get a man. The man was a staunch upholder of the truth. It generally seemed like he was a good man.

Death touched his body and his soul was freed. The man looked back at his white shroud and left with Death.

They passed through a place where it seemed everyone was trying to grab at something inside of someone else. It turns out there was an animal in each of them. The man wondered what his animal had been.

Huge birds shrieked at the man. They asked if the remembered them. Each bird was some callous thought the man had had.

Moving on, the man stumbled over stones. Death told the man these stones were careless words he had uttered.

They soon came to the gate. The man was asked what manner of man he was. He said he had obeyed the commandments and had hated evil and persecuted it when he could. It was then suggested that he was a follower of Muhammad. The man said he was a Christian. He was reprimanded saying that the council of Jesus was love and mercy, not hatred. The man realized that he had done wrong in his life.

God was merciful though. The man’s soul was filled with mercy and he was taken into heaven.


This is an imagining over what the day of judgement could be like, if there is going to be a day of judgement. We really have no idea what this idea might be like or if it will even happen. Michelangelo painted his thoughts on the painting I added as the illustration for this post, but we don’t know. We theorize. We guess. None of us know though.


Here’s the thing, this man thought he had done pretty well, and he probably had, but he didn’t take into mind the smaller sins of life. He was a bit bigoted and unaccepting, even though he thought that was how he was supposed to be. A sin is a sin, while some sins are worse than others, sin is still sin. None of us are free from sin and this story was a good example.

This man never thought his thoughts and his careless words would be judged. He never thought the manner in which he worshiped would be judged. Sure, he was an upstanding member of Christianity, but it came at the cost of hating the sinners, which we’re not supposed to do. We’re supposed to love and forgive everyone.


Careless words can cause many ills.

Weigh In

Do you think this man deserved to go to heaven?

Do you think it is appropriate to hater the sinner?


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