Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Pea Blossom

The Pea BlossomThe Pea Blossom

There were once five green peas in a pod who were content, but they thought the world was green and, for them, it was. They grew and grew. They knew they would grow hard and brittle if they stayed on the plant, but they did not stay. They were plucked in their pod.

The pod was soon open and the peas said they were going to go far into the world. A little boy with a pea shooter was shooting the peas away. Some fell and were devoured by birds. Another went down a sink. Another landed under the eve of a house. Time went on and this pea sprouted. Out of this pea grew a small plant.

Inside the house lived a sick little girl. The mother had already lost one daughter and feared she might lose this one as well. The girl had not left her bed in some time. She saw the pea plant in the window and wanted to watch it grow. The mother moved her bed closer to the window so she could see its progress. Days passed and the pea plant grew. The young girl also began to feel better. She was able to sit up on her own for an hour, which she had not been able to do some time. The girl began to do things for the pea plant. She was eventually able to stand up and hold the pea blossom in her hands.

As for the other pea, it had landed in a sink and had swelled. The sink thought that it too would stand up for its pea.


We hear all these stories about children who were so sick and had to stay in bed. What disease did they have? Was it polio or Pneumonia? Was it cancer? Really, what was wrong with all these sick children of the circa-Victorian era sick with? A big sickness was tuberculosis, which did kill people. It’s not so common anymore; there are some strains that are antibiotic resistant. The children might have had TB, or scurvy, or any number of other diseases that aren’t exactly a big deal anymore because of modern medications and treatments. It’s a bit sad that they had to spend so much time in bed, if they lived.


Hope is a great thing, even if it’s the hope of only a small thing. A small amount of hope can get you a long way. This little girl had hope in such a small thing–a pea plant. Pea plants are not overly praiseworthy, unless you count their role in the genetic research of Mendel. This girl had hope and was able to heal in a way she wouldn’t have without it. This little pea really accomplished a lot, even if it had never imagined it could do something of this magnitude.


Seems kind of sad that we have to eat peas, almost…green peas are delicious if cooked correctly.

Weigh In

Do you like peas?

Would you enjoy a pea plant in your window?


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