Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Money-Box

The Money-BoxThe Money-Box

There was once a money-box in the shape of a pig. He presided over all the other toys in the room from on high. He had the usually slit in his back for money and was plumb full of savings.

The toys in the room decided to put on a play. They would act at being people. They sent a written invitation to the pig because he was so high up. The pig accepted. He thought about how he could buy all the toys in the room with the money inside of him.

During the performance the pig’s mind wandered and he thought of making his will, but somehow he came down from the shelf and landed on the floor breaking into bits. The pieces were swept away into the dust bin and a new money-pig stood in the pig’s place the next day.


I don’t get piggy banks that you have to break in order to get the money out. I guess that meant you couldn’t take your savings out, but why destroy the pig when you want to withdrawal your money? I guess it’s one way of saving money, but I don’t like wasting money destroying a piggy bank that I probably paid money for.


Just because you have money doesn’t mean you’re better than everyone else or that you won’t be subject to the ills of life, such as death. This pig thought he was something. He had money. He could leave it to some people in his will. He would honor the other toys by watching their performance. Because it’s such an honor to have a rich person see your work, it’s the only way your work will have merit, right? That’s not the case at all.

With or without the money, the pig was just as subject to life as the rest of the toys. His wealth did not make him any more valuable, morally, than the rest of the toys, although, his wealth did make him monetarily more valuable than the other toys.

He toppled down and broke just as any of the other toys would have despite his wealth. Wealth did not save him.


Money will not make you immortal.

Weigh In

Would you buy a piggy bank that did not have a stopper?

Does wealth make you better than other people?


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