Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Soup from a Sausage Skewer

Soup from a Sausage SkewerSoup from a Sausage Skewer

A group of mice once had a feast. They talked of how wonderful it had been. Everything was most delicious. Along the way, someone mentioned an old proverb about making soup from sausage skins, but the proverb was also known by the name soup from a sausage skewer. The whole party thought about how to make this soup and no one knew. The king mouse said he would marry any lady mouse who figured out how to make it. Four mice decided they would like the chance to become the queen. They set off into the world with sausage skewers. A year passed, but only three of the mice came back. They had stories to tell about where they had been.


This whole thing sounds an awfully lot like the idea of stone soup.

It’s entirely possible that someone has put a sausage skewer in soup before. If there is anything that can soak up flavor and nutrition, at some point someone has tried to eat it. If you’re starving anything goes, even that little bit of grease left over on a sausage skewer.


This is just the introduction to this story, but it goes to show you that someone people send others on ridiculous quests without knowing whether or not a person can fulfill that request. We have those people who say, “Make it happen,” but never stop to consider whether it should happen or if it’s even possible.


This kind of soup doesn’t sound very appealing.

Weigh In

Would you eat this kind of soup?

Do you think people expect impossible accomplishments sometimes?


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