Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

What the First Little Mouse Saw and Heard on Her Travels

What the First Little Mouse Saw and Heard on Her TravelsWhat the First Little Mouse Saw and Heard on Her Travels

The first mouse set out with her sausage skewer. She traveled as a stow away on a ship, where she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She then went deep into the forest where everything smelled fragrant. People were dancing with a maypole, but what does a mouse have to do with a maypole dance.

The mouse then came upon some very tiny people. They were dressed in the daintiest of clothes and called themselves elves. They saw the mouse’s sausage skewer and said it was just the thing.

They took the skewer and decorated it in the most wonderful manner. They were using it as a maypole. All the little people had a wonderful time, but the mouse was much too big to participate in all the merriment.

The next morning the elves asked the mouse what she wanted in return for the use of her sausage skewer. She asked them if they knew how to make soup from a sausage skewer. They told her that she had seen it. They had made wonderful things from her skewer, but the little mouse knew the king would not be overly impressed with he stories. One elf said he would make her staff produce violets in the king’s presence.

The little mouse made her way back to the king. There she told her story and produced the violets. The king wasn’t impressed with the violets and said they smelled too strongly and told a mouse to put his tail in the fire so it wouldn’t smell so much like violets. The little mouse was able to keep time with her staff and it caused all of the stuff in the kitchen to make noise. There was something cooking in there, but no one knew what. The king waited for more stories of soup from a sausage skewer.


This king doesn’t sound very nice.


This king wants to know how to make some stupid soup and sends mice out on a stupid quest all for the sake of his stupid request. This mouse found some wonderful things, but were they enough to impress the king? Nope. He’s a humbug is what he is. He’s not impressed with anything and probably doomed to always be sad. I’ve known a few people like that. Look at this amazing thing! It’s not that great; it’s only a model. Shut up. Just be impressed.


I’m waiting to see what happens to this mouse.

Weigh In

Seriously, why are people humbugs?

Is being queen really worth it?


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