Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

What the Fourth Mouse, Who Spoke Before the Third, Had to Tell

What the Fourth Mouse, Who Spoke Before the Third, Had to TellWhat the Fourth Mouse, Who Spoke Before the Third, Had to Tell

Just as the third mouse was getting ready to tell her story, the fourth mouse, who had been unseen until this point and assumed dead, rushed into the room. She decided to tell her story.

She came back without her sausage skewer. She had left it in prison. Somehow the little mouse ended up befriending a prisoner in his cell because she had heard he could make soup from a sausage skewer. The man was kind and gave the mouse part of his food. One day he was taken away and the mouse knew not what happened to him.

After the prisoner was gone, the mouse was taken by the jailor who put her in a cage and made her run around and around on a wheel. This she did not like. The granddaughter of the jailor had pity upon the mouse and let her go.

The mouse then took shelter in a watch tower where an owl and a guard lived. The mouse was scared of the owl at first, but the owl did not try to eat the mouse, so the mouse grew confidence in the owl. The owl was very wise and told the mouse that there was no such thing as a real soup made from sausage skewers. It simply meant that each person believed their own way is best and signified nothing really. The mouse was surprised to learn that the whole thing was nothing.

The mouse said truth was valued above all else and her story was the truth. The fourth mouse told her that her truth was false because she really did know how to make soup from a sausage skewer.


This mouse probably took the most perilous journey of all the mice thus far. She ended up in prison twice–once of her own free will and once as a prisoner. She also escaped being eaten by an owl. Keep in mind she ended up in the same place as the other mice, but took a dangerous road to get there.


This mouse found it out. The whole thing simply means that people do things differently, but she also found out other truths. The most important truth being that truth is the best, even if it hurts. She didn’t want to hear that her entire journey had almost been negated because there is no such thing as soup made of a sausage skewer, but she had to hear it. It was the truth and the truth trumps all.

We sometimes do not like to know the truth, but we have to. The truth will set you free–that’s what people always say; that’s what the Bible says. The truth is one thing you can depend on. Fact is truth and truth is fact. If you don’t have something truthful in your life, how are you ever going to get by?


Just because someone parties along the way, doesn’t mean they’re not getting to where they should be.

Weigh In

Is it ever better to live a lie?

Do you think the mouse was successful in her journey?


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