Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

How it Was Prepared

How it Was PreparedHow it Was Prepared

The fourth mouse said the third mouse was all wrong. There was in fact a way to make soup from a sausage skewer. The fourth mouse did not travel anywhere, she stayed in her own land. She said she could learn just as well in her own country as she could by traveling.

She told the king the way to make soup from a sausage skewer was to bring the water to a boil, throw the sausage skewer in the pot, and then have the king mouse stir it with his tail because stirring it was the secret. Only a king mouse could make soup from a sausage skewer.

The king mouse thought this was just marvelous and said the fourth mouse would be his wife and in fifty years at their jubilee, they would make soup from a sausage skewer. The king and his bride were married. Everyone had their own idea about what should have happened or what they would have said to the king, but none of them said it in the first place.


Don’t you feel a little cheated?

What the mouse says is soup is not soup. Well, you might get a thin broth from the residue on the sausage skewer, but that’s it. Stick a mouse tail in there and it’s just gross. Moreover, said mouse would probably end up with a cooked tail. She hasn’t even married him yet and she’s already plotting his murder.


The way I see it, this mouse is a butt kisser. She told the king what he wanted to hear, not what was actually the truth. The third mouse told the king the truth and would have been the best pick for the king, but you know what, the king likes flashy. He wanted the woman who would tell him what he wanted to hear not what he needed to hear. He is going to be living a lie, with some nitwit as his queen. She didn’t even leave the country for her research. “You can find all the best things at home,” or whatever it is she said–please, seriously? What kind of attitude is that? We’re the best no matter what and we have everything here. Nope. It doesn’t work like that. Sometimes you have to leave your homeland to find something else because you can’t get it where you live, plain and simple.

Other people were upset that they hadn’t thought of the easy way first. No one else had thought to be a butt kisser. Don’t be upset about that. Sure this woman/mouse is queen now, but she’s a butt kissing ignorant jerk. You don’t want to be a butt kissing ignorant jerk, even if it does make you queen.


Look at it this way–a man says he wants a smart, intelligent woman, but then ends up with the skinny blonde, with the fake boobs, who works at Hooters, because she’s a skinny blonde, with fake boobs, who works at Hooters, not because she’s intelligent. A man says one thing and does another, because you know, the flashiness of it.

Weigh In

Who do you think the mouse king should have picked?

Do you think the fourth mouse’s solution was the best?


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