Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Races

The RacesThe Races

Two prizes were awarded after a race, a small prize and a large price. The rabbit was awarded the large prize and the snail was awarded the small prize. Everyone had their own opinions though. Sure, the rabbit was faster, but the snail carried his house upon his back.

Everyone then told their opinions about why they should have won the prizes. The reasons were varied and each had merit, but also sounded strange at the same time. The prizes that had been awarded were each fitting to the person who won them. Everyone debated, but in the end, it all turned out alright.


What kind of strange race was this?


Everyone has an opinion. You start giving away free stuff and everyone will find a way to justify why they should have it. Everyone has an idea they can bend to reason, but do they really deserve it?

I don’t even know if there actually was a race. It seems the appropriate people got the prizes, but that didn’t stop everyone else from wanting the prizes. Too bad I didn’t win the lottery. Well, I should have bought a ticket in the first place. You can’t win if you don’t compete.


They all just need to go to sleep, no more of this fussing.

Weigh In

How do you win the lottery if you don’t play?

Who do you think should have won?



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