Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Ole the Tower-Keeper

Ole the Tower-KeeperOle the Tower-Keeper

There was a man named Ole who was rumored to be the child of several different people and had been said to have done many interesting things in his life. As time wore on, he became less than enthused with society and decided to become a hermit.

He lived in a church tower because it was the only place where he could easily get bread and still be away from other people. He read books and had visitors around New Years. One person in particular visited him each year around New Years and that person had three stories to tell that Ole had told him.



Church towers–for when you want to be a hermit, but you also like good Chinese takeout.


This is just the introduction to the story. There hasn’t been a lot going on yet. We don’t know much about Ole so far. We do know that he has left society. For whatever reason, he has decided that society is just too much and he wants to live apart from it.

Ole, I feel you. There are times when being an actual human being in society is awfully difficult. Extroverted people may not have any idea what this is like, but if you’re introverted, you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes saying “hello” to everyone and interacting with the world can seem like a mountain that is much too difficult to climb.

Sometimes we have this desire to be in the world, but not really in the world. We like the idea of the world, but we’d rather watch it all from a safe distance. Maybe it’s not healthy. Maybe it seems weird. I say, if you want to be a hermit, be a hermit.


Ole up in his tower, looking down upon the world, eating Chinese takeout…

Weigh In

Be a hermit? Yes or no.

If you were going to be a hermit, what would you have to have in order to survive apart from society?


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