Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Two Brothers

Two BrothersTwo Brothers

There were once two brothers. One was fascinated by the natural world. He knew that mist was not fairies dancing, but vapors rising from the Earth. He knew the Earth was round. He knew things about plants. He knew all manner of things about the nature of the world.

He also had a brother. This brother was interested in the truth and in honesty. When he read the story of Jacob and Esau, he was disturbed the Jacob had dressed up to deceive his father. Justice should have been served.

The brothers names’ were Hans Christian and Anders. They were known as the Brothers Orsted.


As you can see from the picture I chose to use for this post, the brothers Orsted were real. The picture is of Hans Christian, who was a famous physicist and chemist. His brother Anders became a famous judge. They both stood out in life and changed the way we see both science and the law.


Once again, we have a story of Hans being enamored of some person for something. Hans was all about Bertel Thorwaldsen, but apparently he also likes the brothers Orsted. Hans must have been fascinated with the intellectual world. He was also quite the nationalist. Hans was patriotic. He admires great people from his country. He writes to praise his home country of Denmark.

This is just another example of Hans being his patriotic self.

Honestly, I’m glad Hans was all about intellectuals rather than super models. Can you imagine how boring these stories could have been? Imagine reading an entire story about how nice so-and-so’s butt is, but, I guess we do that often these days… seriously, more stories about intellectuals, less stories about Kim Kardashian’s butt.


Hans has taught me about the Orsted brothers.

Weigh In

How much of a nerd was Hans? Really?

Do you think we have moved away from praising intellectualism?


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