Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Butterfly

The ButterflyThe Butterfly

There was once butterfly who wished to find a bride among the flowers. At first he visited a daisy and told her things. He called her a lady, when she was but a girl, so she remained silent.

The butterfly visited other flowers. This one was too bitter. This one was too that. The other was too this. The butterfly flitted on. The flowers bloomed and became mature, but the butterfly desired the aroma of youth, not older flowers, whose fragrances had faded.

The butterfly soon found some mint, which smelled sweet. When he asked her if they could be married, the mint told him no. She did not want marriage at her old age only friendship. They were friends for a bit, but the butterfly found himself in a warm room for the winter. There he flew at the window, where the inhabitants saw him and mounted him on a stick. He supposed this was like being a flower and like being married for he was stuck fast.

The potted plants told him that was a poor consolation, but he didn’t trust potted plants because they had too much to do with humans.


Well, if you put it like this…


Let’s lay it out in the open shall we? This butterfly is a picky man and all the flowers are women, which he finds all kinds of things wrong with. I don’t like this one’s attitude. I don’t like the shape of this one. This one is too old.

The butterfly himself was getting up there in age, but still wanted a young woman, a girl actually, remember he went after the daisy who was only a girl still. No wonder she didn’t talk to him, she thought he was a pedophile. She was just waiting for him to drive by in his van without side windows.

This happens in real life all the time. A man complains about not having a wife or a girlfriend, but he finds something wrong with every single woman who comes his way and they’re things similar to the butterfly’s complaints in this story. This one is too old. This one is the wrong shape. This one has kids. He still doesn’t realize the error of his ways even when he’s mounted upon a stick. You can’t ever make a person like that happy because they’re looking for something that doesn’t exist.


I don’t know, I kind of feel this story serves him right.

Weigh In

How does one know when they’re being too picky?

Do you think the butterfly changed his mind about marriage?


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