Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

What the Old Man Does is Always Right

What the Old Man Does is Always RightWhat the Old Man Does is Always Right

There was once a man and a woman. They had a horse which they wished the trade. The old man set out with the horse in order to trade it. along the way to the market, he met a man with a cow. He traded the horse for the cow, which was a very good trade for the original owner of the cow.

As he went along, he traded for what he perceived was a better trade, even though it was always a lesser trade.

He traded the cow for a sheep. He traded the sheep for a goose. He traded the goose for a chicken. He traded the chicken for a bag of rotten apples. He went to the bar before going home. There were some wealthier patrons there. They listened to his story about his trades. The man said his wife would be very happy about his trades. The rich men bet him a hundred weight in gold that she would not be happy and would not kiss him. The man took the bet.

They all went back to his house where he began telling his wife of the trades he had made. He told her about the cow and she was happy for several reasons. Then he told her about the other trades, and, in turn, she was happy about each of them. She was even happy when he got down to the bag of apples and she did kiss him.

The wealthier men were obliged to make good on their bet. The man said this all happened because the old man is always right.


All of these trades were awful.


Hans…bless your little heart…you just don’t know what it’s like to live with a woman do you? Hans never got married you see. He probably didn’t get how angry the woman would have been with the man over this series of awful trades.

Let me tell you something, if I had a horse and it was pretty much the only thing I had of value, you better not come home with a crappy bag of apples, in fact, just stay away, never come back. You go find yourself a woman who likes a crappy bag of apples and I’ll go find myself a man who has enough sense not to down-trade my most valuable possession.

The man does not always know right, in fact, if there is a woman around, the man doesn’t know right a lot of the time. There are probably somewhere around 3.5 billion women on this Earth and they’re all going to agree with me. I read somewhere that men have a more difficult time thinking ahead, or something similar in nature, maybe that’s the thing, maybe that’s why a man would do something like this.

This story is meant to be a laugh. Hopefully Hans did know that a woman would get angry over this.


Men, do not take your cues from this guy. If your wife tells you to trade the horse, it better be for something good.

Weigh In

How done would you have been with this guy?

Do you think this was really an elaborate trick to get a hundred weight in gold?


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