Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Ice Maiden-Little Rudy

The Ice Maiden-Little RudyThe Ice Maiden-Little Rudy

In a picturesque little town named Grindelwald, there was a little boy named Rudy who sold little carved toys. His grandfather had made many of them and lived a bit higher up the mountain away from everyone else.

Rudy did not always live alone with his grandfather. He had one had a mother and father, but they had died. The father had died sometime before, but the mother had died on the way to the grandfather’s house. The grandfather was the girls’ father. On the way there the mother stepped into a crevice which she could not see. She fell down into it, with Rudy, who was a baby at the time.

The men who were traveling with Rudy and his mother managed to pull them both out, but Rudy’s mother could not be revived. Rudy was revived at taken to his grandfather, where he was raised.

Rudy has friends among the goats, birds, and the cat. Rudy understood what the animals said. The cat invited him out onto the roof and taught him how to walk in high places. Soon Rudy climbed places even the cat wouldn’t go.

Rudy’s life was not without care. The ice maiden that had lived in the ice where Rudy’s mother had fallen wanted Rudy back. She had kissed him, but had not kissed him to death. She sent Vertigo and his brothers to try to make Rudy fall, but he did not fall. The ice maiden vowed to have him.

While in the grasp of the ice maiden, more had happened to Rudy than it seemed. It seemed he was too sorrowful for his age. The sun’s rays, all sisters, tried to kiss the ice out of Rudy’s heart, but they were not successful. The ice maiden plotted how next to get Rudy.


Grindelwald is a real place and it’s beautiful. It’s like something out of Heidi. There is a lot of skiing in the are, which is in fact mentioned in this story. There are also crevices, which are dangerous. There are seven mountain communities in the Grindelwald area and people have lived there since the 12th century.


This is essentially the introduction to this story. It’s setting up for everything else that is going to happen to Rudy. We already know there is a cold place in his heart. We already know the ice maiden wants him. We already know that the cat taught him to walk in high places. Each of these things will likely play a part in the rest of the story.

Rudy probably doesn’t remember falling into the crevice with his mother, but his heart was still touched by this incident. We can’t really say whether it was because of inherently being involved in this event or people telling him he was involved in this event. Sure, there was an ice maiden and all, but let’s look at this from a real world perspective.

Children have suffered awful events before they are of an age to remember, many times, these events still play a part in their lives. They’re still touched by these traumas, even though they can remember nothing. Is it because they remember deep-down or is it because someone told them they were involved in this event? Do we keep these things with us even when we cannot remember?

Some psychologists might say yes, considering the idea of repressed memories and all. There is also a concept of actively forgetting something because it was traumatic or unpleasant. Maybe you didn’t tell yourself to forget that time you puked all over yourself at the eighth grade dance, but you forgot it anyway as a defense mechanism because it was so awful. Something within yourself chose to forget that moment.

Does Rudy remember? Is it simply that he had heard this horrible thing happened to him that he’s not as happy as he should be?


We shall see what happens to Rudy as the story progresses.

Weigh In

Do you think we remember or someone makes us remember?

What do you think will happen to Rudy concerning the cold place in his heart?


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