Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Ice Maiden-Babette

The Ice Maiden-The UncleThe Ice Maiden-Babette

Rudy grew up to be a wonderful hunter. He went on the mountains where no other man would go. The cat and goats had taught him well. Some creatures said, “Stay away, Rudy,” but people did not, especially women. Rudy was a fine catch. The girls talked about him. Maybe he had kissed Annette at the dance and maybe he was working his way through the alphabet.

Whom Rudy really loved was Babette, the daughter of the miller in the town of Bex. One day Rudy decided to hop down to Bex on both business and pleasure. He had plants to drop in on Babette and her father.

When he got to their house, no one was home but the cat. Rudy didn’t understand cat anymore so he asked around in town where the Miller and his daughter had gone. They had gone to Interlochen for a shooting contest. It was to last eight days. Rudy knew that if he went over the mountains he would make it in time. Rudy climbed over the mountains where no other man would go.

He made to the contest and soon forgot about Babette. He shot every bull’s-eye. People cheered him on. They wondered where he was from. The miller was there as well and thought Rudy’s shooting was fine. The family invited Rudy for dinner. Babette eyed up Rudy. The night seemed to go well. They told Rudy that if he was ever in town to stop by for a visit.


I guess a shooting contest must really have drawn a crowd. I don’t know many people who would travel so far and so long to go see a shooting contest. I guess when there wasn’t a lot else going on, people went all-out for things like this.


This is the part of Rudy of the story about Rudy being an adult. His wants and needs have changed from those of a child to an adult. He can no longer understand the animals, as he could when he was a child, and now he wanted a woman, as many men do. Rudy went out of his way to impress this woman, which he did.

Rudy’s a man now.


Will Rudy’s want to show-off affect him in the future?

Weigh In

Was Rudy a little loose with his affection?

Does the fact that a man is a good shot really make him good son-in-law material?


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