Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Ice Maiden-On the Way Home

The Ice Maiden-On the Way HomeThe Ice Maiden-On the Way Home

On the way over the mountains to home, Rudy was carrying a lot of things. He was carrying housewares, which would come in handy when he set up house. On the mountain there was a young woman. She walked beside Rudy for a bit. She asked him why he did not cross the mountain in one place. He said he would be likely to fall in a crevasse if he went that direction.

The young woman told Rudy he should be scared of the Ice Maiden while he was on the mountain, but Rudy told the young woman that he was not scared of her. She had him once when he was a baby, but he got away. The young woman offered to help Rudy climb over the mountain, but Rudy said he would not take help from a woman.

It began to rain and then to snow. Between Rudy and the young woman a wall of snow seemed to fall. He heard sounds of mocking laughter that didn’t seem quite human. Rudy determined that this woman was a servant of the Ice Maiden.


Let’s climb over a mountain in a snow storm! Sounds like a great idea!

Look, people in Denmark/Switzerland/etc. may be pretty tough when it comes to the snow, but even people experienced with the snow are careful in snow storms. You can lose your way. You can go the wrong direction. You could fall into something and freeze to death. You could get snow blindness. There are so many things that could go wrong. Rudy may have been this big experienced hunter, but going over the mountain while there was a chance of a snow storm wasn’t exactly a good idea.


Again, this is a bridge in the story, but Rudy has shown his cockiness. He has shown a weakness either to the Ice Maiden herself or one of her minions. This belief that the Ice Maiden cannot get him is going to come back and bite him later on.


I’m not scared! Yeah, well, you should be.

Weigh In

Do you think Rudy’s words were ill uttered?

What in the world does the Ice Maiden have in store for Rudy?


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